Get gray pages on certain sites with new update

  • This is bizarre. Certain pages now display as all gray for me. The content is there because if I click and drag on the page I can see a ghost of it. This example is from


    I can open that page in a private window or in a window under a different profile and it displays. This has happened with several sites, and only after upgrading on Wednesday.

    EDIT: As noted below, it's only gray because that's my theme background color. Looks like it's loading the page behind the background...

  • @ManOrMonster
    You mean all is okay when you open the site in private window & different profile?

    Did you try to clean all sites data?
    Did you try with disabled extensions?

  • It eventually goes away for one site but then another might do it. For instance, I can now open with no issue. I have made no changes since I posted the issue above.

    I just opened this link for the first time just now, and it's gray. Tried clearing the cache and no difference. If I open it in a different instance/private window it works. Sometimes it's a page in the other instance that will be gray but will work in this window.

    Also, I just verified that it's gray because that's my theme's background color. So it's displaying the background color and then loading the site behind that apparently?

  • I've noticed that the behavior of Vivaldi when opening a link in a new tab is to briefly show the background color of the theme then load the page. So this problem seems to possibly stem from Vivaldi not making the transition sometimes. I've only noticed this issue happen when opening a page in a new tab.

    I tried this with a new tab. Opened a page in a tab that wasn't working, so I tried opening other pages via bookmark in that tab and they worked. Went back to that page by hitting back, same issue. After opening a few more pages in that tab, I then typed in the page URL and it finally displayed.

  • @ManOrMonster said in Get gray pages on certain sites with new update:

    opening a link in a new tab is to briefly show the background color of the theme then load the page

    That's weird, we have Chromium old problem that it always open white page before finally go to page. Said, it's fixed around Chromium 58~59.
    It's kind of impossible Vivaldi theme become transparent/seen through without a reason.

    Try to turn off/on hardware acceleration in vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#hardware

  • Turning off hardware acceleration seems to be working so far. I'll report back if there are any more issues.

  • @dLeon Just had the issue again.

  • @ManOrMonster
    For real? That's so random.
    You didn't use any extension right? Or, any background applications?

    I'm at lost, I can't even re-produce it.
    We will need people who have more comments about this.

  • @dLeon I just double checked, and I only turned it off in one of my profiles. I did not change the setting in the profile that still has the problem. I just turned hardware acceleration off there as well, so we'll see if the issue persists after that.

    Also, I was having another problem that I just noticed today. Previewing Word documents in Gmail would bring up the document, so I could see the contents, then immediately white it out so I couldn't. PDF docs in Gmail worked fine. Turning that setting off also fixed this issue instantly.


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