Browser history security?

  • Hi there guys!
    I'm sure everyone knows about the latest "ISP are going to sell your browsing history" news, right?

    I was wondering if Vivaldi is somehow going to give us a way to keep our search history secure,...

    I've read that is recommended to stop using Chrome since there are not addons or options allowing us to protect our information. (Some suggest using firefox ugh).


  • @Yorutamashi
    I'm just user like you.
    Not even a citizen of countries that rules apply (at least not yet).

    Quoted from

    For your eyes only

    All of this information is strictly private and local to a user’s computer – Vivaldi Technologies doesn’t collect user’s history data.

    “The new History feature shows the kind of data that could be tracked by third parties,” says von Tetzchner. “Instead of trying to monetize our users’ browsing patterns, we are giving them this data – for their eyes only.”

    With the ability to analyze this information, users can decide if they want to adjust their online behavior or remove certain items from the list.

    At least it won't be Vivaldi who give them away.

    ISP still could intercept your network to read your network habits even if you encrypt it, turn off all call home like search help, or using whatever browsers. They're the middle man after all.

    I can't tell if ISP just already do that since decades ago
    I'm not sitting on their back watching if their honour User Privacy agreement.
    It just sky rocketing because now it allowed as written law.

  • This has nothing to do with Vivaldi, if your ISP collects your information and sells it, the only thing you can do to protect your history is using a VPN, or software like Tor and Orbot. In this case the only thing the ISP would see is the address of the VPN server, or the entry node in case of Tor. But yeah, that's nothing an ordinary customer would do, so they probably don't care about the few who protect their privacy.


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