Great Browser, but...

  • Why is it so SLOW at times when opening up new tabs? :broken_heart: I just cant' use it, as so annoying!

  • @nigelfrancis I agree with you. Google Chrome eat memory ram and Vivaldi too. I prefer an browser complete and light, not only complete. Vivaldi not is different of Google Chrome in use of Memory, only with excess of functions.

  • @nigelfrancis You need to provide some links and system specs to back up your claim. For me, pages open instantly. Maybe you're on a slow connection or viewing super long pages, or something else is blocking Vivaldi.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.8.770.46

  • For me, tabs open immediately, but New Window is slow. Firefox has similar New Window speed issues for me. It's the one area where Chrome is impressively better. Chrome is lightning fast doing this.

    On a similar note, Chrome's, "drag tab to new window", is a lot better than Vivaldi's or Firefox.

    All that said, Vivaldi's become my favorite browser very quickly. I'm a fan.

  • @hyzerfool said in Great Browser, but...:

    For me, tabs open immediately, but New Window is slow.

    For me, there is little difference: both take 1-2 seconds.

    Again, when claiming that something is slow, you actually need to say what you mean by slow. Even as slow as a tortoise is relative.

  • Try some of the tips posted here ;)

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    @nigelfrancis: Do you use a custom background image? When you have one and it's too large, that will slow things.

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