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    We’ve caught up with our developers Miky Vacík and Arnar Astvaldsson who have worked on Vivaldi’s History feature. Let’s see how History was made!

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    Congratulation Miky and Arnar. That's huge work which requires a lot of dedication.

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    Idealism is not old-fashioned!

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    Indeed, it was a great work you have done !
    Now, you already know what I would LOVE to see in the future 😉 (VB-12121...)

  • I always read Milky instead of Miky.

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    Arnar: As it is often the case with programming, the History task was underestimated.

    Da#@ right it is.

  • I love the new history page and panel. I hated Chromium's history page, it was so dumb and didn't remember where it was when I went to another tab and then back to it. Thank God Vivaldi created it's own history page that is actually useful, and I can delete the kinds of data I want in 2 clicks, which is better than Chromium's that takes about 3 clicks, and then having to wait for it to finish before I can go to another tab. In Vivaldi's history page, that's irrelevant because it finishes clearing my data before I can even move onto another tab.

    The only fix I would personally like in the history page is that it should remember to view it in "List" meaning ALL my history when I open the page, instead of just today's history. The History panel does this already, but the internal page doesn't. It would also be nice if it remembered my view selection, ex. whether I choose to keep the graph open or hidden. But if it remembered my ALL history selection so I can see and search all my history at once without having to select it, that would be awesome!

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    Your advanced history manager make me to use more and more my browsing history data, thanks 🙂
    As a miss, i'd just like to have the search field focused by default VB-27048

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    The past is already gone. It is best to live in the present with one eye on the future.

    The Calendar might be useful if it could serve as a ToDo list for what I need to do Next Month.

  • @pesala: Well, I am so old that my future is already behind me ....

  • Thousand thanks for your work. I really like the new history a lot.
    To be honest this is one more show-off I use when people ask what kind of browser I use and in return I'll give them a little tour through my favourite features ^^

  • I liked this new story, gave more identity to Vivaldi ... Great job! Congratulations!
    Even this new story has attracted a lot of attention here in Brazil, sites published on this new history and on the other native functions, apparently the Vivaldi is falling in the taste of many people! 🙂
    Whenever possible I share my experience with Vivaldi, speak of resources, personalization etc, share the word. ☺

  • I like this modern, clean and functional design of history. It looks really nice! So, good work on that, too! I hope that mail will look just as good.

  • Nice "development inside" reading.

    Though I'm mainly a "list-is-sufficient-when-needed" type of user I really think this is a very good example for a new functional approach already been quite mature on it's first release to the wild.

    Brief: Well done!


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    Thank you for sharing the information about the development of this great History. 🙂 Very nice, and I believe that another point of development will be the Download manager 😉

  • I suppose a lot of the lessons learned in this exercise (about the data collation and fast presentation in the UI) will contribute to the mail project...?

  • My all sincere congrats to all people involved in this revamping. I feel the old innovation, pioneering and groundbreaking days of old Opera coming back... I hope to be right in my assumptions...

    Speaking of which, what about to do the same overhaul in download page?

  • @CptGuapo said in History behind History:

    Speaking of which, what about to do the same overhaul in download page?

    I'm wondering the same thing. When you go to chrome://downloads, it'll go to Chromium's downloads page. At the very least, it should be replaced with Vivaldi's downloads page to complete the set, and allow us to get further functionality out of that page.

    Now, whether or not there should also be a Notes page, or just a separate tab or bigger text box beside to edit long notes, I'm not sure.

  • @luetage:

    It must be because you, like all of us, are first and foremost a mammal.

  • Congratulations on making this precious component of the Vivaldi Browser...


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