Bookmark Tagging

  • I really wish it had a bookmark tagging system. I understand you can add nicknames or descriptions, and you can search for anything you have in the title, description, or nickname field.... but it isn't as neat or practical as I would like.

    It also doesn't work as well as tags. If I search for a nickname I have set, it will also bring up completely unrelated bookmarks to what I searched just because that word happened to be in the url or page title. If it was a true tagging system, I could only pull up the tings I tagged with that word. Having thousands of bookmarks, this becomes an issue.

    Tags also allow you to select from a pre-existing label you already have, which results in better organization. It would also allow you to have the same bookmark labeled in many different ways... where how Vivaldi is now? I need to have the same bookmark duplicated into several different folders in order to find it.... which is kind of annoying?

    Yea, I can add nicknames to them all, but the above problem with nicknames occurs, and also, I am not able to select my bookmarks in a certain folder and apply a nickname to all of them at once. I have to manually type in the nickname for everything individually... I have way to many bookmarks to even begin manually sorting them this way. If tags were a thing I would be able to just apply the tags to all, or drag and drop the bookmarks on that tag I want it to have.

    Tagging also, due to the fact that there will be a set list of what I have organized, will make it easier to remember what I need to search for to find something. Nicknames wont help me if I need to find a webpage about puppies if I nicknamed it as dogs. But if I see I have a dogs tag, I would obviously look there first.

    Anyway, I really hope that Vivaldi can implement this feature. I feel like this browser is leagues ahead of other browsers and trying its best to include all the features other browsers stubbornly lack. I feel like this feature would be a good fit and draw more people to use it.


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