Chaotic Google Images clicking and previewing

  • It is not directly Vivaldi problem, exist in all Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi versions. Something with engine.

    When clicking around Google Images to see preview, very soon page starts to bounce, jump uncontrollably and you can end almost everywhere. At top of the listing page, way before clicked image, way after it, etc.

    Problem is this exeperimental option: vivaldi://flags/#disable-threaded-scrolling.

    If you put it as disabled, restart browser, problem is gone.

    I could find very little information about this option. If any it is very advanced and complicated.
    Maybe developers of Vivaldi can explain to us in plain and simple english what are risks by disabling this option ? Preferable with one real life example. Thanks.

  • @Stagger_Lee


    First, I'm just a regular user like you.

    The option name seems to suggest that this flag allows the navigator to use a dedicated thread to perform the scrolling.
    Threading is generally used to improve performance by allowing the computer to do several things at once, so the obivous downside would be a possible performance loss.

    If it's a Chromium problem common to Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi... I suggest you to file a Chromium bug (first search if a similar bug is known then you can add your own if it isn't)

  • Hi Panther

    Right now I dont see any problems.
    Maybe computer can do multitasking, or multithread, but I for sure cannot click on Images and do something else in another tab at the same time. 😆

    Yes, you are right. Maybe I should report it. Firefox and Edge dont have this problem, never ever.
    Graphic drivers are allways updated.

    Confirmed on many Notebooks, many different browsers, many different versions. I am curious why this problem is not reported much more. Maybe people think it is normal behaviour.


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