Really old recipes.

    Place in a mixing bowl

    Three-quarters cup of sugar,

    One egg,

    Four tablespoons of shortening,

    Two cups of flour,

    Four teaspoons of baking powder,

    Three-quarters cup of water.

    Beat to thoroughly mix and then pour into well-greased and floured loaf-shaped pan. Now spread one-half package of raisins on top and gently press them with the back of the spoon until the dough covers them. Bake in a moderate oven for thirty-five minutes.

    Chop fine sufficient onions to measure one cup and then place two tablespoons of fat in a frying pan. When hot, add the onions, cover closely and simmer slowly until tender. Season with salt and paprika and three tablespoons of vinegar. Cool and serve as a relish.

    Two cups of cold boiled fish,

    One cup of prepared bread crumbs,

    One cup of thick cream sauce,

    One and one-half teaspoons of salt,

    One teaspoon of paprika,

    Two teaspoons of grated onions,

    One green pepper, minced fine,

    One well-beaten egg.

    Mix and then pack into the prepared loaf-shaped pan. Stand this pan in a larger one containing hot water. Bake in a moderate oven for fifty minutes. Remove from the oven and let stand for a few minutes. Then unmould on a hot platter and serve with creole sauce.

    To prepare the crumbs, soak stale bread in cold water; then place in a cloth and squeeze dry. Rub through a fine sieve and then measure.

    To prepare the pan, grease the pan and then line it with a greased and floured paper.

    Place in a saucepan

    One and one-half cups of boiling water,

    One teaspoon of salt,

    Two-thirds cup of cornmeal.

    Stir to mix thoroughly, then cook for twenty minutes and cool. Form into sticks the size of a bread stick, roll in flour and brown in hot fat.

    Place the popover pans in the oven to heat. Break one egg in a measuring cup and then fill with milk and turn into the mixing bowl and add

    One-half teaspoon of salt,

    One cup of sifted flour.

    Beat with a Dover egg-beater for five minutes and then remove the smoking hot popover pans from the oven and grease well. Pour in the batter and place at once in a hot oven and bake for thirty-five minutes. Do not open the oven door for ten minutes after the popovers are placed in the oven. When the popovers are twenty-five minutes in the oven, turn down the gas and then bake slowly to thoroughly dry out for the balance of the time allowed for baking.

    This amount will make eight small or six large popovers. Now, while the popovers are baking, the creamed beef can be prepared. Cut one-quarter pound of dried beef fine, using a pair of scissors to cut with. Place in a pan and cover with boiling water and let stand for five minutes. Drain and then make a cream sauce as follows:

    Place one and one-half cups of milk in a saucepan and add six tablespoons of flour and stir to dissolve, and then bring to a boil and cook for three minutes. Add the prepared dried beef and two tablespoons of finely minced parsley and let simmer slowly until the popovers are ready.

    Cut a slice from the tops of the popovers and fill them with the prepared creamed beef. Place a tiny dot of butter on top of each popover and dust lightly with paprika.

    Cover the bottom of an oblong pan with a greased and floured paper and then pour in sponge cake mixture one-quarter of an inch deep. Spread evenly and then bake for ten minutes in a hot oven. Turn on a cloth and then trim the edges. Spread with jelly and roll tightly in a cloth. Set aside to cool and then ice with water icing.

    One-half cupful sugar,

    One-half cupful flour,

    One-half teaspoonful cream of tartar.

    Sift four times and then place whites of three large eggs in a bowl and beat until they will hold their shape. Now gently cut and fold in the sugar and flour. Pour into an ungreased tube pan and bake for thirty-five minutes in a moderate oven. When baked remove and turn upside down to cool.

    Cut sufficient turkey in one-half inch blocks to measure two cupfuls. Now add

    One cup of diced celery,

    One onion, minced fine,

    One tablespoon of butter,

    One tablespoon of cornstarch.

    Mix thoroughly, then add

    One-half cup of boiling water.

    Cook slowly until the meat is very tender, then serve garnished with finely chopped parsley and hot cornmeal waffles.

    Chop two cups of cranberries very fine and add

    One-half cup of seedless raisins,

    One cup of brown sugar.

    Place in the mixing bowl

    One and one-half cups of flour,

    One-half teaspoon of salt,

    One teaspoon of baking powder.

    Stiffen to mix and then rub in three tablespoons of shortening and work to a dough with one-half cup of cold water. Roll out one-quarter inch thick and spread with cranberry mixture. Roll like for jelly roll and then wrap in a pudding cloth. Plunge in a saucepan containing boiling water; cook for forty minutes and then lift and drain. Serve, cut in inch-wide slices with sweetened cranberry sauce.

    Place two cups of milk in a mixing bowl and add

    Three-quarters cup of honey,

    One-quarter teaspoon of nutmeg,

    Two eggs.

    Beat to thoroughly mix and then pour into custard cups. Place cups in a baking pan containing water and bake in a slow oven until firm in center.

    Grease well with shortening a deep pudding pan and then place a layer one inch thick of thinly sliced apples and then sprinkle well with sugar and dust with cinnamon. Repeat this until the dish is full and then cover with a crust of plain pastry. Bake for forty-five minutes in a moderate oven and let cool.

    To serve: Loosen the pastry from the sides of the pan, place a large platter over the pie and invert. Cut into wedge-shaped portions and serve with cream, custard or fruit sauce.

    Pare the apples and then cut into thin slices. Now place a layer of apples in a pudding pan and sprinkle each layer with

    Two tablespoons of flour,

    Six tablespoons of brown sugar,

    One-quarter teaspoon of cinnamon.

    Repeat this until the pan is full. Now place a crust on top and bake in slow oven for forty minutes. To serve: Run a knife around the edge of the pan to loosen the crust. Invert the plate over the pie and turn the pie upside down upon the plate. Cover with fruit, whip and cut into wedge-shaped pieces and serve with custard sauce.

    Select a fancy prime cut from a young steer and have the butcher cut off the chine and trim for roasting. Place in a baking pan without seasoning. Place in lowest part of the broiling oven. Cook, allowing fifteen minutes to the pound. Turn the meat every fifteen minutes and baste with its own fat.

    Cooking the meat before the flame gives it the flavor and appearance of the old-time open-fire roasting.

    About twenty minutes before serving the meal, place one-half cup of the drippings from the roasting pan in a baking pan and place in the oven to heat. While heating, prepare the pudding. Place in a bowl

    Two and one-half cups of milk,

    Two eggs.

    Beat to mix thoroughly and then add

    One and one-half teaspoons of salt,

    One-half teaspoon of pepper,

    One teaspoon of grated onion,

    Two and one-half cups of flour,

    Two level tablespoons of baking powder.

    Beat to remove the lumps and then pour into hot, well-greased baking pan about three-quarters of an inch deep. Bake in a hot oven for twenty minutes, basting three times with the drippings from the roast.

    Add the flour to the pan in which the meat was roasted. Brown well and add three cups of cold water, salt and pepper to taste. Bring to the boiling point and cook for a few minutes, then serve.

    Some people like English horseradish sauce with the roast meat. And they serve the gravy over the pudding. Place in a saucepan.

    One-half cup of water,

    One-half cup of white vinegar,

    Five tablespoons of cornstarch.

    Stir to dissolve the starch and then bring to a boil and cook for five minutes. Add

    One-half cup of sour cream,

    One and one-half teaspoons of salt,

    One teaspoon of white pepper,

    One small glass of grated horseradish.

    Heat, stirring frequently, to the boiling point.

  • Old Fashioned Ginger Bread, Warranted Not to Keep
    There won’t be any left to keep.

    Half a cup of sugar, one cup of molasses (if you can’t get good New Orleans molasses use golden syrup), one-fourth cup melted butter, half a cup of sweet milk, two beaten eggs, half a teaspoon of baking powder, three-fourths teaspoon of ginger, half a tablespoon of salt, two cups of sifted flour.
    Bake about half an hour.

    Place in a bowl

    Two cups of bread crumbs,

    One-half cup of syrup,

    One teaspoon of baking soda,

    One tablespoon of water.

    Dissolve the baking soda in the tablespoon of water and add

    Two cups of hot water.

    Beat to mix and then let cool, add

    One-half cup of cornmeal,

    One-half cup of graham flour.

    Beat to thoroughly mix and then pour in well-greased moulds and cover and steam or boil for one and one-half hours. Remove the cover and place in a slow oven for twenty minutes to dry out.

    Draw and singe the pair of guinea hens, removing the wings, thighs and legs and leaving the breast whole. Break the back of the carcass and then place in a deep saucepan and add seven cups of boiling water and steam slowly until tender. Add

    A piece of carrot,

    One small onion,

    One branch of celery

    for flavoring and then lift and set the thighs and breast aside for future use. Pick the meat from the back of the carcass and add to two and one-half cups of the stock. Season and thicken slightly. Now place the legs and wings in a casserole dish and add

    One cup of peas,

    The prepared gravy,

    Four boiled onions.

    Cover with a crust of plain pastry and bake in a moderate oven for thirty minutes.


    Take 1 chicken, 2 pork sausages, 3 or 4 slices of bacon, 2 hard-boiled eggs, salt, pepper, a little mace, herbs, puff paste or short crust. Joint the chicken neatly and skin each joint. Stew these gently in about a cupful of water with salt, pepper, and a little ground mace till tender, then put in a piedish with bacon (cut up), the hard-boiled eggs (sliced), and the sausages divided into 6 or 8 balls like forcemeat. Pour gravy over, cover with puff or short crust and bake until the pastry is cooked. In the meantime soak quarter of a packet of Nelson’s gelatine in just enough water to cover, and make a good gravy by stewing for an hour the giblet and any bones you may have. When the pie is taken from the oven, add the gelatine to the gravy, stir till dissolved, pour through hole in the pie, and stand aside till quite cold.

    Place in a mixing bowl

    One cup of buttermilk,

    Two tablespoons of shortening,

    One egg,

    One cup of sugar,

    One teaspoon of baking soda,

    One teaspoon of nutmeg,

    One-half teaspoon of ginger.

    Beat to mix. Now add

    Five cups of sifted flour,

    Two teaspoons of baking powder,

    and work to a smooth dough. Roll out one-half inch thick on well-floured pastry board and cut and fry until golden brown in hot fat.


    Cream ½ cup of butter with ½ cup of brown sugar, add pinch of salt, ¼ teaspoon of ginger. Sift 2 ½ cups of flour.
    Put 2 even teaspoons of soda into 1 cup of boiling water. Add one third of the hot water to the sugar mixture, stirring in half the flour, beat hard, add another third of water and the rest of the flour. Beat hard. Add rest of water and 2 eggs well beaten. Grease long baking-pan, turn in batter, bake in the slowest possible oven.

    Place six medium-sized apples in a casserole and then add

    One piece of stick cinnamon, broken into pieces,

    Four cloves,

    Two allspice,

    Two blades of mace,

    One-half teaspoon of nutmeg,

    Three-quarters cup of brown sugar,

    One-half cup of cider.

    Bake until tender and then serve cold.

    Scald one cup of milk and then place

    Four tablespoonfuls of shortening,

    One-half cupful of sugar,

    One teaspoonful of salt

    in the mixing bowl, and pour over it the scalded milk. Stir to thoroughly mix and then cool to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Now dissolve one-half yeast cake in one-half cupful of water 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and when the milk is at the proper temperature, add six cupfuls of flour and work to a smooth dough. Place in a well-greased bowl, turning the dough around in the bowl so that it will be thoroughly coated with shortening. Cover and let rise three and one-half hours. Now pull the sides of the dough into the centre and punch down, turning the dough over. Let rise again for one hour, then turn on a moulding board and divide the dough in half. Knead each piece into a ball. Cover and let rise or spring for ten minutes. Now roll out one-quarter inch thick, using a rolling pin. Brush with melted shortening and sprinkle well with brown sugar, using about one cupful. Now dust with two teaspoonfuls of cinnamon and spread over the prepared dough one and one-half cupfuls of currants or small seedless raisins. Begin at the edge and roll like a jelly-roll. Cut in pieces one and one-half inches thick and then place in prepared pans and let rise for one hour. Then bake in a moderate oven for forty minutes.

    To prepare the pan for the cinnamon buns:

    Grease the pan very thickly with shortening and then spread one cupful brown sugar and one-half cupful of currants or small seedless raisins evenly over the bottom of the pan. Place buns in pan and let rise for one hour in a warm place, then bake in a moderate oven for thirty-five minutes.

    Now for the trick. When the buns are baked, brush the pastry board with shortening, then place

    Two tablespoonfuls of brown sugar,

    One tablespoonful of water

    in a saucepan, mix thoroughly, and then bring to a boil. Now, just as soon as the buns are baked, turn from the pan at once and brush well with the prepared syrup, brushing the bottom with the syrup, as brushing the candied part of the buns prevents it from hardening. Let cool and then use.

    Wash one-quarter cup of rice well and then cook until soft and the water is absorbed in the rice, in one and one-quarter cups of water. Now place in a mixing bowl

    Two and one-half cups of milk,

    Two eggs,

    Three-quarters cup of sugar.

    Peel and rub two bananas through a sieve and then beat to mix. Add the rice and then turn into a baking dish and dust with one-half teaspoon of cinnamon. Break into bits one teaspoon of butter and then bake in a slow oven for thirty minutes.

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