Really old recipes.

  • Orange Butter
    Beat up two quarts of cream with quarter of a pint of orange flower water, and the same quantity of claret. When the cream is beaten to the thickness of butter, it will have both the color and scent of the orange.

    Cut a rabbit into joints and put into salt and water for 20 minutes. Line a basin with suet crust and pack in the joints of rabbit, taking care to put the thickest pieces near the crust; add pieces of bacon or ham cut into dice, two hard-boiled eggs, salt, pepper, or one or two eschalots if liked. Stew the bones of the rabbit with pepper, salt and a tiny grate of nutmeg, and pour about half a cupful of this liquor into the basin with two spoonfuls of cream or rich milk. Cover with paste, tie in a floured cloth, and boil for three hours. The rest of the liquor may be thickened with a little flour and poured round the pudding. The eggs and cream may be omitted for a plainer pudding.

  • Mulligatawney Soup

    Roast a young fowl before a quick fire for half an hour and baste it with 6oz. of good butter; put it aside till cold. Peel and slice 1 large apple, 2 large onions, a ¼ of a clove of garlic and the heart of 1 lettuce; fry them till tender in the butter the fowl was basted with. Cut the white meat off the fowl into pieces an inch square; break the bones and put them into a stewpan with the trimmings, the vegetables, 2oz. of cocoanut, a dessertspoonful of tamarinds, 2 teaspoonfuls of curry powder, 2 tablespoonfuls of flour, a teaspoonful of salt, 4 leaves of mint, teaspoonful of loaf sugar and a quart of water. Boil for an hour and a half and strain through a fine sieve. Add to this a quart and half a pint of stock, the pieces of fowl, and simmer very gently for ¾ of an hour. Stir in the strained juice of a large lemon, and a gill of fresh cream, and serve immediately. This will make two quarts.

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  • Wheatmeal Scones
    Two cups wheatmeal flour, 1 oz. dripping or butter, ½ teaspoonful soda, 1 teaspoonful cream of tartar, or 2 teaspoonfuls baking powder, 1 cup warm milk or ½ cup warm water (egg yolk makes them richer), pinch salt.

    Mix flour and baking powder through sifter, and butter with fingertips, then the warm milk, using a knife for mixing. Turn out onto a floured board. Pat with the knife, and cut. Have a very hot oven; they will take 10 to 15 minutes. When nearly done brush over with milk to brown them. Half cup sultanas can be added, and are very tasty for children’s school lunches.

  • Zweiback


  • Savory Rice

    Put on the rice with enough water to cover it, and simmer it gently, taking care it does not burn, till all the water is absorbed. Then add just enough milk to cover it, and simmer again till all the milk is absorbed. Stir in a tablespoonful of butter, with pepper and salt to taste. Turn all into a piedish, sprinkle the top thickly with grated cheese, and brown quickly in a sharp oven.

  • Green Tomato Pickle

    To 14 lb. green tomatoes, one large cup sugar, one dozen small onions, ½ lb. mustard, 1 oz. mustard seed, 2 oz. turmeric, 2 oz. allspice, one large cup flour, 1 oz. cloves, a few chillies.
    Cut the tomatoes into slices, liquor, and sprinkle with salt, let draw two days. Pour off, and put all ingredients into a pan, cover with vinegar, and boil until quite tender. Put into jars, and cover when cold.

    Recipe No. 2:
    6 lb. tomatoes, slice and sprinkle with salt, leave 12 hours, drain off liquor, slice two large onions, two tablespoonfuls cloves, allspice, mustard seed, half-cup mustard, 1 oz. turmeric, half pint treacle, 1 lb. sugar, two quarts vinegar. Put treacle, sugar and vinegar into pans, let simmer half an hour, add tomatoes, onions, and spices. Boil 15 to 20 minutes. Seal, and put into cool place. Ready in three weeks.

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