Profile problem preventing install of v. 1.8

  • I recently downloaded the latest v. 1.8 but install does not succeed. Am told I need to choose different profile folder to overcome this. Not sure why and how I can do it. Please help? Thanks

  • Check your profile path in "about vivaldi". Choosing a different profile folder I have never heard of. Normally this means resetting the profile, which is almost equal to a fresh install, although you can save the default folder before deleting it. Got a quote of the advice?

  • There is 1.11 GB worth of data in that folder. Do you mean i need to save all that data elsewhere and empty it and paste the saved files back to this location after install?

  • 1.1gb is massive. Some file in that folder could potentially be the problem. If you paste it back the application won't work.

    But yeah, this has nothing to do with your first post, where is that different profile folder suggestion coming from?

  • @luetage Upon opening the browser I get this notice. Attached is a screenshot.0_1491307608579_QQ图片20170404074312.png

  • Seems there is a conflict with different versions of Vivaldi. Did you jump from snapshot to stable build? It's strange anyway because stable is currently the newest version.

    Seems like you have to bite in the sour apple and delete your profile folder. Save bookmarks etc. first so you can migrate them. On restart Vivaldi will make a fresh profile folder for you, if it doesn't find one.

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    This happens when the installed Vivaldi profile is newer.
    If you need Snapshot and Stable please install the Stable regularly and the Snapshot as USB Standalone Install.

    You can get rid of the message if you patch the Windows registry
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Vivaldi and delete the REG_SZ value of key pv.

  • @xiaoyi
    Try to move/rename file "Web Data" & "Web Data Journal" from your problematic Vivaldi profile.
    You'll lost password & autofill though.

  • I did the 2 steps as directed by Gwen-Dragon & dLeon in the 2 previous messages. The error message no longer appears now. But the install does not happen. I noticed when the popup install notice says it will now "close vivaldi & install now", it does not really close the current browser at all and goes directly to open a new tab on it saying "vivaldi makes history". The old version is still there. No new version.

  • RE: "-delete the REG_SZ value of key pv", I deleted the value of "pv" so now its value field is blank, I did not delete the item "pv" itself. Is this correct?

  • After I rebooted my computer the new version is here now. But do I change the file names of"Web Data" & "Web Data Journal" files back, which I renamed earlier?

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    @xiaoyi - You can try it. If it breaks anything, you can simply rename them again.

  • The issue is not resolved. I often am thrown back to the older version and when I want to try downloading/reinstalling the latest, I still run into the exactly same road block of profile folder conflict stated in the beginning of this thread. I keep deleting the existing two files"Web Data" & "Web Data Journal", but it only helps a short while. As soon as I close the browser (or perhaps restart the computer), the latest version disappears and I am shown the older version together with the profile folder conflict error message.

  • Anyone?

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    @xiaoyi: Your problem is unique. No one else has it, or can reproduce it, so at the moment, no one has a suggestion.

    Do you run any kind of 3rd party security software? Trying to think what might be getting its fingers in the works.

  • If you check at Vivaldi's Help > About, what are the full entry texts shown there for "Vivaldi", "Executable Path", and "Profile Path" for both the "thrown back to the older version" and the "latest version" (before it 'disappears')?


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