Exporting bookmarks and settings?

  • I installed VIvaldi snapshot from my Linux repositories but now I want to uninstall and install Vivaldi stable. Will I need to export my bookmarks and settings somehow, or will the new install just remember?

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    @WayneB: Linux sees the two streams as separate products. However, your user profile from either one will work in the other, and so can simply be copied over.

  • @WayneB
    It will be easy because it still same OS.

    Just copy your vivaldi-snapshot folder to vivaldi.

    If at start Vivaldi stable cried about the preference too new. Close Vivaldi.

    • Visit vivaldi folder.
    • Under Default folder move/rename Web Data & Web Data-journal files.

    The downside for deleting those files, you'll loose password & autofill collection, but Vivaldi won't cry again.

    Because current Snapshot Chromium version still close with current Vivaldi Chromium version, there won't be any crying problem. So, you won't loose passwords & autofill.

    Now, either you want to keep or delete vivaldi-snapshot folder is up to you.

    All of those were actually Chromium/Chrome method if you want to downgrade.

    Don't try all of those if the target system is different on hardwares or OS.


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