Safe directory for readerview.js file?

  • I just tweaked my reader view.js file to my liking. I still have the old one, and I'd like to take it off the desktop since its not something that I'm going to need often, if at all.

    Question: Can I move it back to the same folder that it was originally in, as long as I rename it? This won't introduce any conflicts with the new file that is already there?

  • @paulri
    Don't do that.
    Reader_View.js is one of official Vivaldi files, you can't just drag & drop to replace it.

    You'll need to carefully compare it between update. Who know, probably the devs change/tweak the official one.

    Because I knew you only tweak the CSS part, you could just copy paste the part you change using your favourite text editor. Beside, the original not big (3 byte).

    There's free applications (online or offline) to do that easily. Search for "diff compare". But, that only useful if the files to compare & changes were big.

  • I wasn't going to drag and drop to replace it. I already have a working reader view folder in my VIvaldi profile. I have also renamed the old, original reader view folder (which I copied to my desktop BEFORE I changed the one in my profile).

    So my question is, could I simply copy it back, after renaming it, or would this create a conflict for my browser?

  • @paulri
    Oh I see. Sorry. 😁

    Yeah, it's okay to copy/move it back the renamed one.

  • OK thanks.


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