Any artists?

  • I'm talking about artists as in art, not music. Are there any artists here on this forum? I used to paint, but not very well. Same with drawing which I also do horribly as well.

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    I believe there are. I love the @kyu3a's hand drawings of a Vivaldi's UI concept feature for example. You can check them out here.

    I'm anything but an artist. 😛 I wish I had the skills to draw by hand... I've always sucked at this. 😔 I do some graphic design occasionally, but that's not actually an art (in my opinion it's more of a craft than an art). And there's not much of it to show. A bunch of old Opera-themed wallpapers that I don't even like anymore (both the "new" Opera browser and my old wallpapers). A couple of projects that I've done as part of my job...

    Actually, the only one that I still like is the one that I use as a cover picture on almost all of my social media profiles (including my profile here). I've made it for a contest held on ASUS ROG's forums a few years ago. Here's how it looked like (I use a modified version - without the captions - for my social media):


    Another one that I also made for that contest is the one below (I haven't finished all the polishing before the contest's deadline and as a result, it's never been really finished - but here it is anyway):


    If you want these wallpapers in full res (4K), you can download them from my OneDrive

    I haven't done anything new recently. Not enough spare time/inspiration/fresh ideas - you name it. 😜 I want to make a Vivaldi-themed wallpaper one day, but I haven't come up with any good idea for that yet...

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    Nice. I bet you do great graphic art.

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