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  • Hi! Just noticed that the Outlook Web Access drag & drop functionality is not working on my win7 computer with Vivaldi. Also I have noticed that while working in McAfee Enterprise Security Manager there is a problem with the sub-menues that normally show up while hoovering over the main manu items. However, clicking on the menu items and holding the mouse button pressed makes the submenues appear with some regularity:-) Keep up the good work!! //R

  • Yeah, I have noticed problems not with those specific control panels but with others. I think this is where most people are going to find things not working, while trying to do something in some control panel or web app.

    This is why this are exactly which have to be tested as its easier to spot a bug with them.

  • I have the same problem. So is there any way this will befixed in a future update?
    Otherwise I love Vivaldi.

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    This is issue happens on other sites too and is a problem with HTML5 drag&drop.
    Please read my explanation https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/10672/asana-com-drag-and-drop-not-functioning/4

  • Thank you for the hint. That' is quite disappointing, that chrome developers have known of this issue since over two years and haven't done anything about it. So there is really no other option but to wait?
    There is no extension which could fix that?

    Thanks and BR,



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