Suggestion To Developers for Easy (I think) Bookmark Sync

  • I know this is not a new topic, but I would like to look at it in a different way. Is it possible for Vivaldi to be recognized as a third party that connects to your google account in order to sync bookmarks? Kind of like how on some websites you can sign in with Facebook or Google, and once you choose to do that, you are brought to a page that lists the permissions the site is requesting and asks if you approve. For example, when I added my Gmail to Windows 10 Mail:
    So for Vivaldi, I'd imagine it would say something like "Vivaldi would like to access your..." followed by "bookmarks", "browsing history", "preferences", etc. I understand that Vivaldi is not Chrome and cannot directly sign into Gmail, but if Gmail could recognize it as a third party app that could be integrated with a google account that would be great!

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    No, not possible to Sync to Google at this time as such sync is hardcoded in Googles browser and will break Vivaldis settings and data.


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