A way to override Keyboard Shortcuts for specific pages?

  • Fairly new user to Vivaldi here, love the browser so far, a few minor complaints although the 1.8 release actually appears to have ironed a few of them out, but there is one fairly annoying issue I am still having.

    I am a college student studying Computer Science, and a tool I have recently begun using quite a bit is the cloud9 IDE. For those who don't know, it is a cloud-based IDE that gives you a workspace, code editor, and terminal, along with several other useful developer tools, right in your web browser.

    Vivaldi presents a slightly annoying problem with this, however, which is that if I hit Ctrl+S to save my project files, the browser attempts to save the web page as well. I have a feeling this is a bug that will be fixed, but in the meantime, I would prefer not to disable *all of Vivaldi's keyboard shortcuts if possible. However, the closest I can get to what I want is assigning a keyboard shortcut that toggles ALL keyboard shortcuts on and off. Is there a way to automatically turn off shortcuts for certain pages, or better yet only turn off certain shortcuts?

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    No, site-specific shortcuts are not implemented. And i cant guess how to do this.

  • I guess for now I'll just have to either turn off Vivaldi's keyboard shortcuts or just save my cloud9 projects the long way. Theoretically though this should be fixable in a future update, because Vivaldi is the only browser where I have that problem.

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    @leggettc13 said in A way to override Keyboard Shortcuts for specific pages?:

    I have a feeling this is a bug that will be fixed

    I have a feeling that you're having the right feeling. 😜 Unfortunately, there's no "master" switch for the keyboard shortcuts, so I guess you're better off using another browser for that one website until the bug is finally fixed...


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