Pin status of Tabs is forgotten when "Startup with: Specific Pages"

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    I've just got a feedback from one user with unspecified 1.8 version (most probably the latest stable one).
    But I can confirm it on 1.8.770.46 (64bit).

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Launch Vivaldi
    2. Open random pages
    3. Pin some of them
    4. Settings -> Startup -> Specific Pages -> Use Current Pages
    5. Close Vivaldi
    6. Launch Vivaldi

    All Tabs are unpinned now.
    But in Vivaldi 1.7 it worked this way and Pin status was remembered.

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    Can confirm it on lastest 1.8 Stable release 64bit

  • @nfsmaniac I discovered that one of my always-pinned tabs was unpinned after re-launching the browser. I might have to do a little more testing in this matter before declaring a bug, though. πŸ˜‰

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    On my work PC, which I had not yet updated stable version 1.7, this error can not confirm. Pinned tabs still remain, even after restarting the browser.

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    @nfsmaniac Any bugreport about this?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @Gwen-Dragon I really don't know, sorry. I don't have access to the bug tracker and even if I report something, I don't have any way to track what's the progress about my report. Plus there's a risk that it was already reported and I am as an idiot then why I am reporting a duplicity.
    So I am creating these topics first to find out if it was already reported or not.
    But if it's not reported, I'll try to fill in a bug report.

  • How in the world has this still NOT been fixed?!

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    @ofunniku It's not fixed, because it's not broken. It's designed that way at the moment. However, a design change is being considered.

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