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  • It would be nice to be able to change an password entry.

    In these days we often have to choose periodically a new password for i.e. a web service. After changing the password in Reality, there seems to be no way to change the code also in the Vivaldis password-manager ... You can delete the entry completely, but after deleting the entry Vivaldi do not ask you to save the password ever again - this URL seems to have the status 'blocked' forever .. 😞

    The URL, you delete from password-manager, is still represented in the LOGIN INFO db and blocks any further tries to save new login data.

    Perhaps you developers can offer an option to completely 'kill' an entry and let the user start over with this URL, instead of blocking...

  • I don't think changing password is possible for now, as it still uses part of chromium to handle that.
    you could copy/paste this to url bar chrome://settings/search#pass and see if it settings for password storage are right there

  • @Hadden89
    Hey, thanks! That 'chrome'-Stuff looks interesting - i'll try tomorrow at my Work-Vivaldi!

  • @fay01 said in Remembering Password...:

    Hey, thanks! That 'chrome'-Stuff looks interesting - i'll try tomorrow at my Work-Vivaldi!

    Use only when you don't find the relative option in vivaldi settings; don't abuse it 😉
    When possible, is always better use the native UI settings.

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    @fay01 Another workaround would be to export your passwords, edit what you need and import them back again - here I've described roughly how to export passwords.

    Once you get the file, you can just remove all lines except for the one that you're interested in. You can change the password and then import the file containing just that one line. It should work fine - I've been doing that before... 😉


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