First Impressions

  • Hi all, First up, thanks to Jon and all for restoring faith in browsers again! Of course, I loved Opera 12.x for all the reasons everyone here does. I just tried v27, was horribly disappointed in the cheap Chrome/Firefox knock-off they scraped together, and then found out about Vivaldi, and here I am:) A minor plea/rant/eulogy about v12 here: I've started playing around with Vivaldi for an hour now, and it's well on its way to a fine product. A couple of first impressions / bugs / feature requests in order I discovered them. I'm sure many are being worked on. I've tried the forums for answers but I'm limited for time. Here goes : - Import. Cool. Notes and bookmarks/nicknames successful. > Opera search engines and passwords didn't come through though. Can you please fix the import. - Notes! Yeah! And imported from Opera! but some issues: > no management yet, can't rearrange folders/notes, no undo after deleted > formatting isn't preserved when not in edit mode (no CR/LF) > when editing notes, typing character in, cursor jumps to end of [strike]line[/strike] whole note - Mouse wheel / gestures > please don't steal modifier keys +mousewheel. Ctrl+Wheel for zoom is fine. I need Ctrl+Shift+Wheel and Alt+Wheel for volume control (using the excellent Volumouse). Your C+S+W and A+W don't achieve anything, let go of 'em. Or have in settings. [edit] On second thought, can Ctrl+Shift+Wheel do text-only zoom (not images). That'd be fab. I can always move the mouse away from window focus to do my volume. > Please add R-Click+Wheel to cycle tabs (as per Opera) > Please add R-Click+down = new blank tab (as per Opera) - Could you give us access to more settings? We like the granularity of Opera, didn't expect a Chrome-like level of options. - Could you add an option for window/border/theme appearance - I'm finding it's a bit laggy when moving mouse/typing, especially with Task Manager open - When opening a link in a background/new tab (eg, in these forums), the login authentication doesn't follow through to the new tab. - when resizing panel, open page tab scrollbar jumps around - can't drag/drop text in form input eg writing this post - In the bookmark manager, when moving folders.deleting etc, the view isn't auto refreshed, have to click somewhere to see changes That's that for the moment, I should get back to work! I'm looking forward to these issues being resolved and Vivaldi becoming my new favourite browser yet Cheers!

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    • In the bookmark manager, when moving folders.deleting etc, the view isn't auto refreshed, have to click somewhere to see changes

    This tripped me up.

    I hope bookmark organizing comes soon.

  • I've upgraded to, and some things fixed already!

    • modifiers+MouseWheel now behaves properly
    • bookmark changes behave properly

    Thanks folks!


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