Trash bin

  • In Opera 12 it was cool trash bin (sorry, I use russian virsion, don't know original name of "Корзина"). It stores all tabs, opened from last browser start. For example at the morning I saw cool site and closed it. And at the evening I whant to look it ones more. So, I have to look 100-1000 tabs in history, cause every opening new page at the same atb in history - new line. Or for example I searched for new font, close all tabs with fonts and before it close something useful. Close 25 tabs with font, look 150 pictures i one tab of Google-pictures. Where is that useful tab? Yes, on the N page of history. But It was opened 10 min ago!
    Vivaldi trahs bin limits to 25 last tabs. It's very uncomfortable! It'll be cool if trash bin has no limit for tabs in session. Or for example limit of 1000 tabs for all period.

  • Moderator

    Currently it has only 25 entries. That will be enhanced in future.


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