Opera 12 features please!

  • Hello to all......I am still using Opera 12.02 as my default browser for many reasons, but the number one, most important reason is customization! I have never found a browser to even come close, to classic Opera's superior ability to customize every aspect of a browser......from function to appearance! What a joy it is to have so many choices to make the browser your own, and not be limited by inferior design. Even the drop-down (and right click) columns have many more useful choices, than the average browser! So much thought and, (in my humble opinion), genius went into the design and engineering of the classic Opera.....and it was criminal to throw it all away! I just found Vivaldi and I am very excited about it.....the prospect of all the wonderful features we all loved about classic Opera, combined with your new ideas, is very exciting. Please, please incorporate as much of Opera 12 into Vivaldi as possible.....it would be a dream come true for so many of us. Thank you!!!

  • You might want to upgrade from Opera 12.02 to 12.17, so that at least you can install Adblock Plus.

  • Or 12.14 as it has better site compatibility than 12.17.

  • Indeed. Many here share your sentiments. This promises to be an exciting experiment.

  • Yes, I hope Vivaldi become what next gen Opera should be.

  • 顶一个,我现在还在用Opera 11.64。

  • But Adblock Plus is now crap.

  • true

  • @wyghthy:

    顶一个,我现在还在用Opera 11.64。

    Same here. Hard to beat, feature wise 🙂

  • I never trusted nor liked Adblock**+**

    I use Adblock or other similar SW.

  • Anyway, I totally agree. Please just give us Opera 12 (or 11) just with blink. That's what Opera ASA promised us and they still can't deliver. Then lying and telling us that it's not possible then "changing direction". Vivaldi comes out and it has tab stacking, a feature that Opera said was impossible with webkit/blink. So you want to know what features we want? Opera 12. After we get all that functionality, then we'll talk about what needs to be added and removed. Apologies for sounding a bit demanding. Opera still has me sore. Still use 12.14 as my primary browser but Vivaldi is getting more and more usage.

  • Vivaldi Team

    We aim to do more than that. I hope you see that already. At Opera, we never stood still. At Vivaldi, it will be the same. We aim to provide you with great functionality, great flexibility and all in a beautiful frame. We aim to please.


  • We understand and appreciate the hard work. We have no doubt about your capabilities for this mammoth project. You have already saved many of us from being lost in cyberspace. Please take it a day at a time. Stop and smell the roses. Enjoy your work to date. And celebrate each and every day for years to come.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks. We love to do what we do. The feedback and support we are getting is fantastic and we are very thankful for that. Things take time, but I am already looking forward to showing you our next weekly… 🙂

  • Moderator

    And I can barely stay in my seat with anticipation. I have not been this eager to follow a project in ages, and the suspense each week is killing me.

  • @jon:

    Things take time, but I am already looking forward to showing you our next weekly🙂

    After Android KitKat what do you think about calling it Nesquick or Nesweek ? :lol:


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