No tab animations / Bad tab animations

  • Personally, I like the browser, but the tab while opening or closing is not or is badly animated. Other browsers have smooth animation while opening or closing a tab.
    I would like to see that animation in the next version of Vivaldi too, because it feels kind of lagy.

    My specs:

    • OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit
    • Graphics card: GForce GTX 1070
    • Processor: Intel Core i7 6800k
    • RAM: 16 GB

  • I agree that it's one of the things that I think Vivaldi should have. There is no animation for opening or closing tabs at all. It's probably the only thing left that doesn't have an animation, when every other browser has animations for opening/closing tabs.

    I've posted that request in the feature request thread for 1.8/1.9. If you'd like, you can see it here and upvote it:

    If you want, you can create a new reply requesting it as well. as my post is on page 9/47 of the thread, and is 2 months old now.

  • Click... I have a new tab. Click... I close the tab.

    What animation would I even want here? I don't see the drama...

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    Wasting CPU and GPU resources? These should be used for speeding up the browser not for optical gimmicks.

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    I think that we no longer need such eye-candy. On dial-up connections, perhaps it was encouraging to see have some animation to watch while a page loaded, but now it all happens so fast that the page is rendered before you even look at it. Except for ridiculously long pages we're talking milliseconds, not seconds.

  • So I just tested IE, Edge and Chrome on this laptop - are we seriously talking about just the sliding/appearing tab on the tab bar? Seriously? The one which is clunky in Chrome, takes too long in Edge and doesn't exist in IE (like Vivaldi)... Seriously?!

  • Uh oh, this will go long debate.

    I go no animations.

  • I agree totally. If this feature is implemented, I would prefer an option to turn it off.

    @mossman said in No tab animations / Bad tab animations:

    Click... I have a new tab. Click... I close the tab.

    What animation would I even want here? I don't see the drama...

  • Whatever happens, it should be given as an option, and one set by default to go along with "Use Animations" in the settings as part of it.

    Every browser has this now, and it's just a nice little polish to see in a browser. Makes you feel more like you're in 2017.

    It also just helps make the browser feel a little more "complete". History panel and page made Vivaldi feel more complete as it's a basic function to have that other browsers have. This is just part of it, along with sync.

  • @D0J0P I think you're missing my point a bit - I couldn't even think what animation you meant... and when I went to find out, two browsers had a crappy animation and one of the most popular also doesn't have animation.

    So I don't expect anyone misses out even notices this feature.

  • @mossman The other animations I'm talking about are things like the panel. I know Opera has a pretty good opening tab animation. I don't remember them having a closing tab animation at the moment, but if Vivaldi could have both to add to the animations it already has, or at least do it the way O12 does, it would add some polish to the browser.

    Opera and Firefox seem to at least have something there.

  • Is any work being made on animations on 2.x snapshots? I noticed that tab opening and closing animation is very rough when there are opened more than 5-6 tabs.

    AMD FX-4100
    8GB Ram
    Radeon HD5670


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