Switch tab on javascript popup/notification

  • In Chrome/Chromium, when a javascipt popup/notification (e.g. Google calendar reminder) arrives the browser switches to the tab showing the notification. This also causes the taskbar icon in Windows to flash (and the same on Mac I believe). In Vivaldi, it does not switch tabs so I have no idea that a reminder has come up. Is there a way to change this so Vivaldi changes tabs too?

    I know for Google calendar I can enable browser notifications instead but I've had issues with that and I do prefer the popup.

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    @dpatel20: Perhaps this can be addressed once popups are fixed in general (something they are working on right now).

  • Ah, thanks.

    Is there another forum thread that covers the popup changes that I can follow?

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    @dpatel20 I think the best place to follow the overall progress of the browser would be the Snapshots Blog.

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