User Name Problems

  • I typed in a user name that I never usually use. I also misspelled it. This led to many problems for registering or recovery. The user name never shows up and the recovery needs the user name. And the email address cannot be registered again.

    Not to mention that, I had an error because I had per page javascript turned on and it goes to another subdomain to work things out.

    If I tried to register again, my email was already used.
    I could not password reset because I did not know the username

    SOLUTION: Display the user name. Allow recovery and other things simply by email request and giving the email. It took 3 weeks to resolve with an email to support (that was not easy to find)

    Changing the username is not an option in the user settings. It seems that the email is a primary key. Therefore you should allow user name editing. My username is misspelled and I want to change it.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @bkso7 sorry for the troubles, we definitely want to improve the recovery process. Regarding the support, we received your ticket on March 25th and replied you on 28th (3 days and not 3 weeks). We are working on improving the process but it will take a while. :slight_smile:

    So in the meantime we thank you for your patience, understanding and ability to staying so chilled though the tech challenges. :pray:

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