Vivaldi search fail (on all platforms)

  • When you search for something which is currently absent on the page but then appears, vivaldi won't be able to find it.
    A search test is below (save it as, say, and open with vivaldi).
    it's important that vivaldi doesn't find what you are looking for. Only under this condition when the text appears will vivaldi fail to find the text. That means you first to press Ctrl-F to get 0 matches. Then you click the button. The text appears and you try to find the text again (unsuccessfully).

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    search test
    <p id="test">
    Press Ctrl-F to start looking for "G h o s t !" (without spaces). You'll get 0/0 which is normal. <BR>
    Then press the button and start looking for the same word. <BR>
    Even though this word appears on the page, vivaldi can't find it<BR>
    Pressing "find next/previous" or pressing &ltEnter&gt in the search bar won't help <BR>
    The only way to make it find the word is to modify the search word <BR>
    <button id="Button" onclick="document.getElementById('test').innerHTML = 'Ghost!';
    document.getElementById('Button').disabled = true";>Click me</button>

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    This thread might be related as well.


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