[Feature Request] Ability to create new tab by middle mouse button

  • Hello, I have only just started using this browser and i am keen to continue using it. The reason i switched is because i have been using google chrome for a few years now and i have finally lost it with the amount of RAM it uses up. 1 process per master browser, tab and extension. Only using about 80 tabs would put me up to about 9 or 10gb ram usage on Chrome.exe alone. So far i am really liking the layout and simplicity of this browser and i look forward to future improvements as time goes on. The one feature i can think of at the moment that i would like to see in Vivaldi is the ability to create tabs by clicking middle mouse anywhere on the top bar where tabs appear. Shown here: http://puu.sh/fKv0z/c0b7bacd8c.png I fi think of any other features i would like to see or feel would improve the over all feel or functionality of the browser i will post them on these forums. I would also like to say thank you for this new and exciting browser and have high hopes and expectations for the future of Vivaldi.

  • And double click that have the same effect in opera.

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    That was my favourite way to open a new tab in Opera.

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    same here.


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