Tab Cycling and Tab Opening issues while using Tab Stacks

  • After the update to 1.8, my session, which uses at least 6 stacks and about 20+ tabs in total, became out of order when cycling through tabs. When I was at 1.7, the tabs would cycle from left to right (or in reverse...) based on the visual tabs order, with stacks being used only to group them.

    In 1.8, some of the tabs would not stick to this behavior and would randomly cycle in wrong order, going from one stack to another and back again.

    i.e: stack 1: tabs 1,2,3 | stack 2: tabs 4,5,6:

    1.7 behavior: when trying to go from left to right it would go: 1,2,3,4,5,6.
    1.8 behavior: it would, in some stacks, go from: 1,2,4,3,5,6, or 1,4,5,6,2,3.

    Even when I closed ALL tabs and made them in order again, when opening a new tab and stacking it to an already populated stack, it would randomly be allocated as in the middle of another stack. removing it from the stack and trying to place it again in another order would break another tab from this stack.

    In the settings I already checked, unchecked and rechecked the tab cycling options to see if it would "un-bug" itself, without success.

    Anyone has the same issue or have any ideas on how to solve this one?

  • @VictorCSi said in Tab Cycling and Tab Opening issues while using Tab Stacks:

    Anyone has the same issue or have any ideas on how to solve this one?

    I recently recognized this so I can confirm out-of-order tab cycling.
    Since I rarely do it I can not say when this behavior was introduced.

  • @VictorCSi I have had these issues for ages. But when it happens I can never duplicate it. We demand a answer vivaldi!

  • @why_are_there_no_names said in Tab Cycling and Tab Opening issues while using Tab Stacks:

    @VictorCSi I have had these issues for ages. But when it happens I can never duplicate it. We demand a answer vivaldi!

    I had this issue some versions before, like... mid-late last year, and then it disappeared. Thought it was gone forever, but no.

    Now that Vivaldi is my primary browser, it is a bit frustrating to deal with, because I spend a lot of time with many tabs open and going from one to the next is really bad when it jumps all over the place, instead of going to the next in the bar.

    Hope that some dev sees this and try to manage the issue, now...

  • Having the same problem. I am thinking the bug never went away as I encounter it randomly. At this very moment I have about 30 tabs open and a few ones with child-tabs. Some of them cycle in random order and in one of the stacked tabs it even jumps out of the child-tab to next "main tab", jumps through 3 of them (the right ones next to the stacked tab) and then returns to the next child-tab again (by child-tab I mean tiled/stacked tabs). I do not seem to find a setting that would make this act logically for my (admittedly dulled) senses. Whether I add or remove child-tabs from the stack does not affect the "memory" Vivaldi has. The odd child-tab that gets "missed" does it whether I remove or add more child-tabs. The actively bugging stack is interesting as the 3 "parent" tabs it jumps into never were part of the stack. So I have no idea whatsover why it would choose this 3 tabs next to the stack to jump into and then revert back to the stack.

    I think we would need some kind of reset stack order -button/menu/hotkey that would re-state the child tabs or maybe just loop through all the tabs open and re-create the internal order based on visual order.

    I add an example image to clarify the problem. The tiled tab circled with yellow has 5 child-tabs in it. When I cycle through them, each time it should jump to tab number 4, it jumps to the ones circled in green, cycles them and THEN jumps to tiled tab #4. After that it goes to child-5 and back to #1. If I add more child-tabs, the same tab gets ignored, but adding or removing main tabs does not affect how it wants to jump through just few main tabs next to it. (In other words, If I remove the main tabs next to the stack, it will jump through the next 3 ones on right to the stack, no matter what tabs they are and where they "came" from.

    0_1491200098732_Vivaldi-child-tabs-cycle.png ).

  • I wonder if this related to the issue that I see in 1.8 (but not in other builds this year):

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Enable "Single Key Shortcuts" in Settings/Keyboard.
    2. Open three or more tabs to the same site (let's say, but it doesn't matter).
    3. Open an unrelated tab to their right.
    4. Click on one of the tabs, right-click it, and choose "Stack tabs by host."
    5. Now use the '1' and '2' keys to try to navigate left and right among your tabs.

    Note: Any kind of stack shows the problem. I just happen to mostly use domain stacking, so that's what I used in the steps above. But it's not limited to that.

    Expected behaviour:
    Like with 1.7 and before, you should be able to navigate to each tab in the stack using '1' and '2'.

    Actual behaviour:
    The last tab in the stack is skipped over when moving left to right. If you had a 5-stack, the last two tabs would be skipped over. Etc.

  • My current record is across 20 tabs. 4 stacks. Every tab opened from a new tab. This is a fun game!

  • Any news with this issue? As someone with more tabs open than I should have, this is very annoying.

  • @ChaosRune nothing new. Nothing in the changelog. And the issue is still happening to me with snapshot 1.9.804.3.
    I came across an equilibrium with 22 tabs across 6 stacks, and the rest without being in stacks, but if I open any more in those stacks (except for the 1st stack) it breaks everything again. creating stacks in a second window breaks even with as little as 5 tabs in 2 stacks, to me (with the 1st windows unchanged).

  • I have noticed the same issue. I have Vivalid setup to cycle in tab order and as long as stacks have no more than 2 items in them this seems to work OK, but any more and the order just becomes random; both within a stack and jumping in and out of stacks/tabs. It doesn't seem to be following a last used order or anything predictable as far as I can tell.

  • This is a very jarring bug, and easy to replicate: open lots of tabs, select a few at the bottom, group into a tab stack, and then reorder the tab stack somewhere in the middle of the tab list. Now use ctrl-pgup/pgdn to cycle and notice the order is all over the place.

    Unfortunately this renders the whole idea of tab stacks unusable for me.

  • @jtackaberry Yes, and it even affects people who don't use cycling, since it's a far-reaching stack issue that also affects switching between tabs and even the placement of new tabs in some situations.

  • Just wanted to say I'm also having this issue in 1.9.818.22.

  • @Narsis Which is worrisome, but they're at the RC stage already and focusing on "serious regressions since 1.8 stable."

    Which I take to mean something working in 1.8 but broken in 1.9. Translation: I think the train is leaving the station.

  • Is this regression going to stay fallen between the cracks for good, or is this actually deliberate behavior now?

    Because if this is the new way, I'm going to roll the dice and upgrade back to 1.7, even though it's unclear to me if that would cause other problems in terms of the profile.

    This bug/improvement is just too disruptive in too many respects related to working with tab stacks. All improvements made since 1.7 are completely overshadowed by this, so I would have no problem going back, if it would work.

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    @rseiler Tab "order" in stacks has been a problem. It will be fixed.

  • Having the same issue ever since I updated to 1.8. Is there any fix in the works for this? Because tab stacking is really unusable due to this...

  • @xstrike999 said in Tab Cycling and Tab Opening issues while using Tab Stacks:

    tab stacking is really unusable due to this...

    I'll heartily agree that this bug does cause inconvenience [it hit me again last night, to my chagrin]. However with respect, V's tab-stacking [even with the bug] is for me at least, very very very far away from being "unusable". Any time i doubt that [which is approximately 0.0000% of the time] i need only launch Chromium, Slimjet, Pale Moon, Firefox et al, to be abruptly reminded of the fabulosity of tab-stacking [& of course, even morer better gooder fabulouser 😉 is the capability of pinning my tab-stacks. Just wunnerful]. Once the bug's entirely gone, i'll probably pass out completely from the ecstasy.

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    @xstrike999 said in Tab Cycling and Tab Opening issues while using Tab Stacks:

    Is there any fix in the works for this? Because tab stacking is really unusable due to this...

    Like all bugs, it will be fixed in due course. To say that tab-stacking is really unusable due to some broken shortcuts is just hyperbole. It's really very easy to use tab stacks with just a mouse by enabling the Tab popop thumbnails.

    One can also use the Ctrl + Tab/Shift Tab shortcuts instead of 1,2

    0_1496040997125_Tab stack thumbnails.png

  • @Steffie I don't know if this is just an osx issue, and am well aware this would be the wrong forum board then, but pinning tabs/stacks is not all happy shiny business. You actually cannot pin a tab stack, but only a specific tab from a stack, upon which the stack goes to front position and seems like stacked -- but when you switch to another tab in the stack it will appear unpinned. You basically have to pin every tab in the stack individually. Then there is also no right click option to unpin a tab stack. Startpage tabs cannot be pinned with a shortcut, but with menu only etc.

    Overall I think stacking tabs and pinning needs loads of work and bugfixing. It isn't nearly finished.


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