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  • I downloaded version 1.8 though when I look in the browser it shows 1.8.770.50 (Stable channel) (32-bit). One of the other options displayed on the link from the email announcement showed 2 options:
    Stable - v.1.8
    Snapshot - 1.8.770.46

    Since I downloaded v 1.8 even though it says 1.8.770.50 have I lost some option inlcuded with Snapshot - 1.8.770.46, which says "our second release candidate for 1.8 stable and includes a fix for unpinning tabs via the keyboard.".

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    @JGR1: No. The two builds are basically identical. One is the stable stream and will auto-update only to stable, and the other is Snapshot stream, and will auto-update to each snaphsot, and snapshots generally come out something like once a week. The snapshot stream is generally more advanced than the Stable, but possibly less "stable."

  • So they are really different in the point that you made about the update stream. It sounds like becoming part of an experimental group to try new features before release to others. Assume the wise updates will be passed to the stable version when a full release of the next version is made.

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    @JGR1 said in Vivaldi versions:

    It sounds like becoming part of an experimental group to try new features before release to others.

    Yes, you can, if you like to test the preview versions with new featiures and fixes.
    You can install a Snapshot version with Installer option Standalone Installation separately to a directory of you own, test all in it and it will never break your Stable version.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Thank you

  • @JGR1
    Well, yeah.
    We're the Snapshot user are noisy. 😁

    But, I could not say Vivaldi Snapshot categorized as experimental.
    For Vivaldi case, I think experimental version is the internal test version. Not available for public.

    For Snapshot in Vivaldi is closer to Beta meaning, "It works but expect breakage, let's see what you think"
    Experimental most of time read "This the idea, It's here & it's burn".

    On Vivaldi case, I believe almost 100% features in last Snapshot got in to Stable 1:1.

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    The Snapshots are not experimental, the internal testers get the real experimental Vivaldis.
    Snapshots are (let me guess), may be 95–98% stable and will not often hurt users.


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