Who Tried To Kill Ken Barlow

  • Daniel Ken convinced Sinead to have an abortion. , Peter wanted money to buy the pub. Evil Tracy wanted money to buy Peter's share of her shop. Phelan lmao did not work fast enough said Ken. Finally in the frame is Adam he clashed with Ken about a drug money cockup.

    Wipe me eyes: you could't make it up.

  • Angela fakes her death to free herself from the claws of her abusive stepfather. Angela's mother falls in love with the gardener, what she doesn't know is that he is the murderer of her late husband. Meanwhile the gardener tries to find the family treasure hidden somewhere on the estate, only to be interrupted by Jake, who has lost his Bentley to Stephane.... bets are stupid, aren't they Jake? Geraldine is still a stupid crack-whore.

    Can't wait for the next episode!!!
    Wait, I made it all up 😕


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