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  • Trying to create a thread here for people to post general feedback and ideas about the new history view in Vivaldi 1.8

    The biggest thing that occurred to me is that it's still a collection of pages listed in the order that they were loaded. In my case, I wanted a summary view of the persistent tabs I had open on a given day. The key thing that I was looking for in that moment, was all the tabs that I had in a particular stack the previous day. I accumulate a stack of tabs over the course of a few days, but if I lose the stack, those tabs are scattered to the wind. If you're lucky, they'll all reload in series when you launch the browser, and you'll get most of them in a line somewhere, but it's really luck of the draw for the most part.

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    This could be complicated if you keep some of the tabs hibernated throughout the session (like I do) and as a result, they're never recorded in the history. I've read an interesting article (thanks to @Jargonius) about the Future of Browser History. Some of those ideas could probably be a panacea for the issue you described...

  • Quoted from the Future of Browser History

    They say to never trust a person with an empty history.

    :cry: I'm not trust worthy person.

  • I just got the announcement about the new history feature. Fortunately 1.8 was already installed.

    I have never used browser history very much. It was just too cryptic and I never knew if the link I was about to click on was the one I actually wanted. Usually, it wasn't.

    This new feature looks like a step in the right direction. There's a lot there and it will be awhile until I figure out how to actually use it productively.

    Initial reactions:
    Basically cool. Looks useful.

    I'm not a "khaki" person! ;) - and that's the color of all my browser history calendar blocks. It would be cool if the color range was divided up between 0, my minimum and my maximum - so I can see what's high and low for me - not compared to some external standard.

    I'm not quite sure what the statistics panel on the right is good for, but I want it to be clickable. The top two could be used for refining the results in the links panel and the bottom one could make the listed URLs into links. Not sure where they should go - maybe to the most recent or most frequent page on the listed site - or maybe just to filter the links panel by that site. Maybe more than one of these options by adding a modifier key to the click to allow selecting the option.

  • I've been using browsers for a few decades.

    When I found Firefox (or firesomething ;) - they changed names a few times) I was impressed and really loved it until around version 3 or 4 when they started breaking as many or more things than those they were improving. From then on I stuck to it for the add-ons, but was progressively more disenchanted with it. I occasionally used other browsers when FF wouldn't render or print a page correctly, but didn't really like any of them.

    Browsers were really useful, but kind of boring and somewhat annoying.

    Then, about a year ago, a friend told me about Vivaldi. I was seriously skeptical, but after trying it out for a few months, I kept finding more things I liked about it and it became my primary browser.

    It had a few deficiencies, but most of them got fixed - and for once - they got fixed the way I would have wanted it done - or even better!

    This history upgrade takes one of the more annoying parts of browsers and actually makes it useful. I'm sure this is a first cut and that it will be refined, but it's a pretty impressive first cut!

    How the heck did you manage to get me excited about browser history?? It's almost the definition of boring.

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