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  • I did a search first but no matter the format of the question, nothing showed up. Just discovered this browser thanks to CPU mag. Firefox has gotten usable & I would love to switch to Vivaldi. It would be nice to have multi row option available. I know about Tab Stacks & while it is nice it add another step to go back & forth in browser. Tabmix plus has been installed by 750k users.

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  • In case anyone else hits this page looking for a solution, you can install VivaldiHooks from GitHub here then customise the multiline-tabs.css file like so:

    .tab-strip > span > .tab-position > .tab:not(.pinned){
    width: 150px !important;

    Change the 150px to be whatever width you prefer. I found 150 gave me just the right spread of tabs, but you can set it to whatever you like. It's really good. There's a guide on the page above that'll show you how to install it, but note that upgrading to a new version of Vivaldi will overwrite it, so you'll need to reinstall each time.

    Also, once you've installed as per the guide on GitHub, you'll notice all sorts of other stuff has happened to your browser. To turn all that off, you can either remove hooks you don't want from the hooks folder, or you can go into settings/preferences, then Startup, then scroll down to see the checklist of hooks that have been turned on.

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    Vote for this topic in Feature requests for 1.11:

    Multi row tabs panel (as in Vivaldihooks)


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