New Tab Problem

  • Hey guys, after updating to the latest 1.8 version, my new tab page is not working, is there a fix for that?
    I was using infinity tab page for my new tab pages and now it no longer works.
    The new tab page is set to chrome://newtab
    still doesnt work
    Is there a hot fix?

  • Moderator

    Your mean vivaldi://newtab ?

  • No I mean chrome, because when I google the problem, some posts on here said make it chrome://newtab but it didnt work for me.
    Do you know anything to help me or no?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    The break (problem) start when Vivaldi devs fix the bug chrome://newtab. It suppose to be not there & point to Vivaldi own vivaldi://startpage (vivaldi://newtab).

    Originally chrome://newtab point to real Chromium/Chrome start page we used to see in those browser start. In Vivaldi, that page practically empty.

    Unfortunately, that address was used as a workaround by people who use New Tab extension. So, the fix break something.

    No work around for current Snapshot.

    It's more appropriate if Vivaldi just work with New Tab extensions than using work around like above. I prefer to see that.

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    @adgj533 There is a workaround. You need to use the extension's ID and the path to its "main" file (usually it's index.html) instead of chrome://newtab as the default address for new tabs. Take a look at this example for the TabMark extension:


    That works like a charm. If you should have trouble with re-enabling your extension, just post a link to its Chrome Web Store page and we'll try to help. 😉

  • Vivaldi Translator

    That one does work if we set it as New Tab but not as Homepage in Startup settings.
    On Homepage settings, since the fix, Vivaldi force adding http:// protocol.

  • @pafflick hey, yeah please help me
    this is the tab page I use
    Thanks for your help
    I really appreciate it

  • @adgj533

    Go to:
    Settings --> Tabs --> scroll down to the section "New Tab Page" --> tick the box where you can type stuff --> type or copy paste chrome-extension://dbfmnekepjoapopniengjbcpnbljalfg/index.html --> press enter --> done

    The next new tab that you open up should have your extension in it

  • Moderator

    @dLeon It works if you set up Vivaldi to startup with specific pages and add the chrome extension URL there.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I see.

    It's okay. I don't use New Tab extensions.
    I just want to know what happen & test a bunch of it. And try to help others while at it, if I did find something.

  • @zaibon omg, thank you so much man youre a life saver, really appreciate it.
    It shouldnt be this hard to use an extension, the devs should fix this asap

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