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  • Right now there is the strange behavior that when I zoom a page and open a different page (url) in the same tab the zoom stays the same. The zoom is not reset when I change the url of a tab. In a new tab the zoom is 100%. Funny but irritating.

    I've read a few requests for zooming that is remembered for specific pages. That's what I want too.

    Besides that I am happy about what vivaldi has become in the last month and I really like the history-page.
    Thanks for your efforts.

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    @awt said in weird issue:

    The zoom is not reset when I change the url of a tab.

    Try unticking "Use Tab Zoom" in vivaldi://settings/webpages/ under WEBPAGES category.

  • Thanks, I found it and clicked it and it works.

    But I had to go to the menu and click "Einstellungen" ("preferences") to get to the right "settings" cause when I open your link by the context-menu " a new tab" I got to this ...


    And there are only a few settings and not the one you've mentioned.

    When I reload the page nothing changes. But when I click in the addressbar and than pressing return (or copy and paste the link-address) it loads the right "settings".
    The favicon changes too. By your link it is a globe of the earth. But the right "settings" have the vivaldi "v".
    Don't know why but I just want to share this behavior.

    Most important for me is now I am able to zoom page wise.

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    @awt Yeah, I know this is still a little buggy, but I'm glad you were able to resolve your issue anyway. 👍


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