Like having both versions of Vivaldi (snapshot and Final 1.8)

  • A question, I always used the snapshots, now I want to install the final version 1.8 and I want to have the last snapshot too, because I want to see the new features and help reporting bugs etc.
    In short: I already have the last snapshot installed, how to install the final version 1.8 with different profile.
    I've never tried to have both versions before! I downloaded the final version 1.8 and want to install. Thank you!
    Note: I have Vivaldi installed as it leaves by default, I have not changed the installation location! It is installed in the directory: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local
    Thank you! :relaxed:

  • Install stable as standalone ;)
    I've the stable in c:\vivaldi and snap in c:\vivaldidev\

  • @Hadden89 Thank you very much! Installed here! :relaxed:

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