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  • i have a idea how about page text audio reader . in this when you open a website a audio button is displaying in address bar then you first select the text on website and then click on audio button it reads the selected text in audio .

  • @uzma
    As long that "Text to Speech" not involving building/packaged Vivaldi with one, that would be reasonable request/idea.
    I honour every Accessibility Features request.

    Building/Packaging Vivaldi with one will eventually stumble with;

    • Quality of audio. Does user want to pay the good one? The superior audio has price tag on it.
    • Size. English audio alone is big.
    • Reader engine. Do we need to build new one? Or use 3rd party?
      Read as: Maintain it if build one or trust 3rd party will.

    There's already request to just cooperate with what ever "Text to Speech" the System/OS have. But, still randomly requested such of this one.

    Current any request go to new thread;

  • @dLeon i think that this feature would be a difficult task?

  • @uzma
    If just tying it to user owned "Text to Speech" applications, I believe it will not.

    Most modern Operating System Windows, Mac & Linux, have option for enabling "Text to Speech" or any Accessibility Features such Zooming Area.
    Just make Vivaldi call that than cram everything into one application package.

  • @dLeon owned means? buy or use

  • @uzma
    MS Windows & Mac has option to install it for free plus a bunch of free (medium quality) audio languages voices. At least on Windows usually it's part of setup CD/DVD/media.

    For Linux, most time it's optional install from their repo with GNU free Speech engine but low quality (personal feel) GNU free audio voices option.

    Commercial Text to Speech engines & audio voices available, most are rather expensive (for my pocket).
    Free Engines & audio voices also available, either same with what Linux use or others.

    I'm not look into it very deep about it though.


    buy or use

    You need to have that Text to Speech engine to use it, isn't it? Either you buy it or not.

  • @dLeon oooh! OK i understand now


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