Menu Help -> About not clickable if only 1 tab open

  • Simple. If you have only 1 tab open, you cannot click the Help -> About. If you have at least 2 tabs open, it works. I currently have the TP2 with Win 7 Pro x64. I'm really looking forward to what this browser becomes as an Opera 12 user.

  • Not confirmed here.
    Are you using the latest snapshot ? (

  • I was using the, upgraded to, still the same issue.

  • Did some more testing. Also I cannot click Window -> Toggle full screen IF the menu falls on an area where there is not a tab title. With 1 tab, you can fiddle to get to click toggle full screen or not but with About and 1 tab there is no tab title under it nearby.

    Edit: Only if the tab bar is set to TOP this issue appears.

  • Something else missing here, as my Window menu isn't anywhere near the tabs … oh, you must have enabled the menu bar. So then the issue is that when a menu entry is over a blank area of the tab bar then you can't click it. Confirmed in Linux as well. Reported as VB-3412.


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