Please fix the "chrome://newtab"

  • Please help!

    I use speed dial extension (from Chrome library)
    But after 1.8 Update Vivaldi refuse to open "chrome://newtab"

    I cannot use builtin vivaldi speed dial because it's too limited in settings and instead of peeking single color for each dial it generate awful looking preview's...

    I use TabMark extension (in case somebody interesting). It's light, minimalistic, customizable and it allow to set single color for each dial so overall speed dial looks much nicer and intuitive because you get used to press on specific color.

    So now i must to uninstall 1.8, find 1.7, install it and waste plenty of time to setting everything from scratch 😞

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    @Boombastic said in Pleeeeaaaase Fix the "chrome://newtab" !!!!!:


    vivaldi://newtab des not work?

  • @Gwen-Dragon vivaldi://newtab - open just new Google search page, but never worked with with speed dial extensions from Chrome.
    Before 1.8 update, version 1.7 and earlier of Vivaldi allowed to open both "vivaldi://newtab" and "chrome://newtab".
    If user want to use ANY of speed dial extensions available in Chrome web store so he must setup in Vivaldi's settings homepage and new page as "chrome://newtab" ! This was the ONLY way to use of speed dial extensions.
    Now "chrome://newtab" siply open builtin Vivaldi's speed dial instead of third party.

    As you guess plenty of users use third party speed dial extensions so it not only my personal problem.
    It will be great if you can forward this problem to developer team.
    At least if they don't plan to fix this problem so let us know, i will be switch to other browser.

    Thank You.

  • @Gwen-Dragon i second @Boombastic bc users of vivaldi generally uses this browser for its customizations, taking that away would be a terrible idea.
    Also when developers fix bugs in a new update, and that brings MORE bugs, whats the point in even updating.
    I saw the update and I kind of liked the history change but I wasnt aware I couldnt use the new tab page I wanted, if i Did I would have gladly skipped the update.

  • Ok so this update seems to have broken the only reason why I started to use Vivaldi in the first place - support for chrome's new tab extensions.

    If you want to downgrade, read on:

    You can find the old version here:

    Just uninstall v1.8 but when it asks you don't let it delete your profile data. Install 1.7 after it. If you don't uninstall 1.8, the 1.7 installer won't let you install. After you downgrade you'll get an error saying your profile is made for a newer version and is therefore corrupted or something like that. Don't worry. Close Vivaldi completely, go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default and delete both "Web Data" and "Web Data-journal" files, restart Vivaldi and it will start working again.

    And lastly don't update until you make sure they fix the issue.

  • The relevant change from 1.8 change log:
    * vivaldi://newtab shows Google page (VB-3112)

    Looks like they maybe "over fixed" it? vivaldi://newtab didn't work before but now chrome://newtab also redirects to it.

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    To make the TabMark extension work as previously, instead of the chrome://newtab just use this address for new tabs:

    This is a rough workaround, but it works. 😉

  • @shittzball Thanks for help, very usefull !

  • @pafflick Thanks man you saved me!
    It still doent work well with "Homepage" for some reason, but it work fine with "Newpage".
    (I must be thought for such solution by myself 🙂 )


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