Vivaldi 1.8.770.50

  • Thanks for the update today when I opened up, but it broke!!
    What could have happened please?
    This was an install on a MacBookPro, and I am reluctant to allow the "upgrade" on Windows 10 until we understand why it failed.
    The new "upgrade" install simply would not open.
    Tried a fresh download direct from, and that failed exactly the same way.
    Anybody else having this problem?

  • @hojomo What is I don't even wanna click that link. Never download a Vivaldi version from anywhere but

    If you didn't download your original version from the Vivaldi site directly, I would suggest you delete the Vivaldi application from applications, and in addition the Vivaldi folder from username/library/application support/. You can access the hidden library folder by clicking on "Go" on top of the Finder, then pressing and holding the "alt" key.

    This will delete all your stored modifications/settings/extension etc. too, but better safe than sorry. You should do the same for your windows install, in case it was downloaded from anywhere but the official Vivaldi site/blog.

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    @luetage: I think the user meant vivaldi dot com and was merely abbreviating. He didn't realize it would appear as a "clickable" link.

  • Could as well be, but then he probably has to try without his profile anyway, not much else to do.

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    You also can test the integrity of your Vivaldi installation as follows:

    • Open a Terminal window ( can be launched from Launchpad and is located in the Other program folder.)
    • Type in the following command: spctl -a -vv /Applications/
      (I assume that you've installed Vivaldi in /Applications)

    This command performs basically the same checks as Gatekeeper on macOS. You should see the following output:

    $ spctl -a -vv /Applications/
    /Applications/ accepted
    source=Developer ID
    origin=Developer ID Application: Vivaldi Technologies AS (4XF3XNRN6Y)


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