make speed dial more "readable"

  • yandex browser has its own sort of speed dial, called "tablo" in russian, and it picks colors from site icon or page (i don't know exactly) and makes a sweet, nice looking logo out of it.

    alt text

    can we have something like this in vivaldi, right now vivaldi just makes a screenshot of a page, which is not as representable as what yandex offers, for example.

  • This kind of option has been discussed several times (and is probably on the to-do list).

    Personally, I don't like that kind of icon-only speed dial since

    • I have several pages from the same domain so these would all look the same
    • It's actually easier to recognise "the white forum, the blue forum, the weather page, the news site..." etc. from the screenshots

  • @kkruglov
    Customize able Speed Dials requested mutliple time.
    The new one (two if you want to look like your request), is in,

  • For the time being you can download icons/logos and use vivaldi hooks to set your own icons.
    Much prefer icons to a web page. Web pages can look too similar.

  • One thing that I really wanted, and not even opera 12 had, was a way to explicitly set custom thumbnails; as in, upload an image from your computer. I just want to be able to right-click, hit 'edit', and along with the url and nickname have the option to set the thumbnail.


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