Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • Add Load frame in a new tab to context menu (like Opera 12). This way it is much easier to print the tab's content.

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    Option to always revert to the default search engine in the Search Field

    Currently, the Search Field remembers the last used search engine, even if it was used in a Private Window. I think it should be configurable.

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    Reuse already existing Private Window when opening links in Private Window (if there is one opened already).

    It works like that in the chromium-based Opera.

  • when hovered over marked (or maybe even not only marked) bookmark on bookmarks page, similar to feature of tabs. I know the "- Delete" button on top bar, but now I've found, it would be more convenient, consistent and along intuition built operating tabs.

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  • "Focus" on current tab on tab panel
    as a shortcut or switchable feature, or other. I consider this to be helpful, when there is a lot, lot, lot of opened tabs and sometimes I need to jump from one page on the beginning of tab list to somewhere in the middle or to the end. ctrl+tab works perfectly for jumps, but it does not focus on the current tab position on tab list. Therefore, when I have in mind that some another tab near by the other tab (ctrl+tab to it) has some related info and I would like to access it quickly, then to do it currently, tab panel has to be scrolled (in my case a lot, lot, lot 😉 ) to right or near by position. I hope, my description is not too much enigmatic...

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  • a possibility to rename saved sessions
    Sure, it can be done renaming the session file(s) in <drive>:\Users<user>\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Sessions*.bin, or similar (or any other storage place depend on system used), or by way around like open session window, save with different name, but most suitable it would be, to rename the session in place (sub-menu under right-click?)

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  • a possibility to close tab from the list of menu item "Window"

    That would be also consistent with how tabs work (One doesn't have to switch to the tab to close the tab on tab panel) and with my previous request (in this thread) for such button and behavior for bookmarks panel's items.

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    a propos
    It seems to work much better! Thank you, Vivaldi Team! It overlap menu item, but seems not to take immediate action on the list item.
    (So far, I've encountered one incident of 'old" behavior, but that might be due to mine own action. Will see)

  • cookies or storage data, exception to "session only"
    to keep settings of pages of interest, e.g. dark theme of duckduckgo.

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  • Open popup windows

    Regarding this request there are some users that demands this feature

    Specially users that need to watch videos on a second display-window opening video content (popup window) of www.twit.tv

    Hope you can help with this.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    torrent download like opera 12

    i know vivaldi it's a browser but it would be nice to have the ability to download torrents back...this time maybe with a more powerful tool which can download even magnet and let us choose what to download inside a torrent (or magnet)

  • Please never have a version 1.10. Or a version 1.11. Or a version 1.12. Etc.

    The version after 1.9 needs to be 2.0. Why? Not for any milestone reason but because we've already had a version 1.1, and most people equate 1.1 with 1.10. And they would think that a 1.11 was a maintenance release for 1.1 back last year. Etc.

    Yes, I get the argument: 10 > 1 etc., but seeing 1.10, 1.11, 1.12 is going to be horribly confusing to people not paying strict attention. It's simply not the most common way version numbers are handled.

    Having to deal with that until the inevitable 2.0 resets things (for a while, until the whole thing repeats) would be annoying.

  • more Quick Command functions

    Make Quick Commands more powerful, a la vimperator
    Allow custom Quick Command scripts

  • Improve History search: filter by transition type (and other criteria)

    Usecase: A single search on google maps is counted over and over again, because everytime I zoom in or move the map a new entry with transition type reload is created.
    Make it possible to filter by transition type (ability to filter for / exclude), or to merge all "reload" transition types into one entry.

  • @rseiler

    Isn't it the common versioning look like this?


    So, I think it won't be a big miss if the versioning look like


    There's no maintainer release, quick fix update or just in time security update for Vivaldi anyway. Most of time, Snapshot updates & fix come in small bundle, so fit in Minor versioning.
    Usually only a super big maneuver that change almost top to bottom will change Major Version. Or, the boss just feel like it. Like Linux Kernel entering version 3.xx or 4.xx.

  • @Boombastic I concur--full sync, a la Chrome, is the single biggest missing feature for me (along with a mobile release). Adding synchronization of settings/extensions at minimum, and preferably also bookmarks/notes/history as options would be greatly appreciated.

  • PLEASE...
    Make the context menu more compact!! 👀
    0_1490800821115_768 22bbb.png

  • @rseiler
    Looking at <major>.<minor> (only), it might have sense :^) OpenBSD goes this route.
    Many others go against your wish, I'm sorry.
    Yet another - Donald Knuth's TeX - has very interesting versioning scheme 😉

  • Iconize contextmenu search engines

    example :

  • Text drag-drop over note icon in panel should automaticaly open the panel itself

  • @xobos said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    a propos
    It seems to work much better! Thank you, Vivaldi Team! It overlap menu item, but seems not to take immediate action on the list item.

    <sobbing>... I was to quick. Issue persists, but...
    ...always look on the bright side of life :^)


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