Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • @eddydc Wholeheartedly agree. I would vouch for a feature that allows exporting and importing all Vivaldi preferences via the command line or have all these settings stored within an individual file that could be copied from one Vivaldi installation to another. This would allow easily setting up multiple computers with the same Vivaldi preferences.

  • I wonder whether there are plans to implement the functionality of the extension "Disconnect" natively: "say no to mass collection of your online activity and trackers"

    Apart from many people being annoyed of some companies tracking their browsing, blocking those sniffers will result in faster browsing and more security as the attack vector of malware being delivered as social code is prevented.

  • ALL categories of search results in the Address Bar dropdown list should be optional, not just turning off bookmarks and typed history. The user should be able to choose what he/she wants to see in the search results list - history, bookmarks, open pages, web search results, etc. I myself usually need local search results (history and bookmarks), but not web search items. Everyone is different and that's the concept Vivaldi is based on.

    1. Possibility to drag (change the order) of web-panels.
    2. Less space between icons of web-panels.
    3. Right-click menu on a bookmark in the folder (same as right-click on top-level bookmark).
    4. I can drag bookmark into a folder. But how to drag it back from folder to top-level of bookmarks panel?

  • @Orthodox said

    • I turned off Bookmarks & Typed History in address bar settings.
    • Turned off Chromium prediction service & empty all search suggestions in Search engine settings.

    With all of that, I only get History list in drop down.

    So, I don't understand about your Web Search Item.

  • We can mute tabs 🔉 and I want to close/pause player when I click the tab... ⏯ 🙂

  • a notification on starting downloads would be nice

  • @victarion Doesn't the option to open the Downloads panel automatically suit your needs? There is already notification on completing a download, which is surely more useful.

  • Community Manager

    Thanks everyone for sharing your feedback. This thread is now closed and a new one was just started for Vivaldi 1.11.

    Please share your feedback from now here.

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