Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

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    Sort Commands for Mouse Gestures Alphabetically

    When assigning mouse gestures to commands, it would be much easier to find commands if they were sorted alphabetically.

  • Option to change color of the context menu

  • I'd like an "Open link here" mouse gesture that ignores the target attribute of the link.

    We already have three "Open" actions in the context menu on a link:

    1. Open Link in New Tab
    2. Open Link in New Background Tab
    3. Open Link

    (1) and (2) have corresponding mouse gestures, but (3) doesn't.

  • I'd like a global option to ignore the target attribute of the link.

    If this is implemented, I wouldn't need the "Open Link" action in the context menu or the "Open link here" mouse gesture I proposed above.

    (I can see that some people like the target attribute and so I'm not saying the target attribute is bad. I'm just saying I'd want to ignore it.)

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    @pafflick I can't believe only 5 up-votes. I don't like trying to hit the little triangle. I'd like opening the folder by clicking the folder.

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    @pafflick The triangle icons should be removed and their function replaced by the Open Folder/Closed Folder icons. Double-click on the text to edit the folder name as now.

  • Find in Page on the Bookmarks bar, like Opera 12 allowed:

    alt text

    I used this almost daily until yesterday when I started using Vivaldi over Opera 12. I miss it a lot. I don't like the extra bar that appears and uses up screen space just for a small text box that can be put elsewhere.

    [edit] It could also go on the address bar between the address box and the extensions.

  • Search in page (CTRL + F) should act as FindBarTweak for firefox : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/findbar-tweak/

  • Please add an option for editing bookmarks (Delete, Rename and so on) directly in folders on the bookmarks bar. Currently right-clicking on any bookmark in a folder just opens it in another tab.
    I can edit it only from bookmarks menu on a side panel, which is quite uncomfortable sometimes.

  • @gaelle Favicons on context menu searches.

  • @Tabse
    Alternative: Instead of mark the affected tabs with a permanent sign or color you could implement the following:

    Mark the affected tabs only if we press a particular key. For example if we press the key ctrl+shift, then all affected tabs will be shine in yellow colour.

  • @Tabse
    An alternative could be to implement a setting, which can be set on or off and makes the following: If when we click a link in a tab for opening another tab, then this tabs would be automaticly grouped.

  • @gaelle Tab Follower
    It would be even better something similar to what the extension "ezLinkPreview" does: splits the tab in two panels side by side and the right one displays the links hovered in the other. This way It doesn't open a lot of tabs but only the two panels.

  • @gaelle Highlighting shortcuts available
    When pressing the first sequence of a possible keyboard shortcut, highlights all the tabs and buttons actionable overlaying them the rest of the shortcut (e.g. if a user press ctrl, over the first tab will appear the numbers 1, over the second the number 2...)

  • Left panel -- auto renew for web-panel !

  • Marker for tabs

  • @gaelle Panel Bookmark Search filter, please do not collapse bookmark tree when cleared.

  • @gaelle Some way to 'lock to' (and unlock from) a bookmark save point, to a selected folder in the Panel Bookmark tree, so that subsequent bookmarks go in there. If that folder is deleted, lock to the parent bookmark folder.

  • @gaelle drop down history in the Panel Bookmark Search filter, as there is with the Address Bar Search field.

  • @gaelle A much bigger search history in the Address Bar Search field, with an extender. Clear it under Settings. Help me remember where I've been.

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