Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • Allow going back after redirect

    This may be a bit difficult to explain. Typical scenario: I am on a wifi network that requires 'additional credentials' (often just checking a box agreeing with terms and conditions). When I try to visit a url, or when I try to activate an existing tab, I am redirected to the wifi page. The problem is that the address I was trying to reach is now gone, even if it was previously loaded on a tab I tried to activate.

    Request: allow me to navigate back to this address through the back button.

  • Edit: I cannot reproduce this after reinstalling, so this may be deleted (I cannot do so myself).

    Text entered into address bar disappears when switching to another tab

    I am on Ubuntu. If I enter text into the address bar, switch to another tab, then switch back, the text is gone.

  • - Ambassador -

    History Panel Needs Button to Clear Browsing Data

    It's not hard to select all (Ctrl A), and press delete, but a brush button like in the History Tab would be better.

  • @gaelle Allow multiple lines in the Bookmark bar by enabling "Wrap to multiple lines" as in Opera 12.

  • [Suggestion] Showing mouse gesture

    I would love to see the gesture I am making. Somehow it feels weird if I not see the trail I make.

    I am used to firegestures of Firefox but using Vivaldi a year now but I still miss it. I hope we can get a visual feedback of the trail.

  • @dLeon
    Hi sorry for late reply. Yes, i try it but no luck. More, i see now that when i try to enlarge the browser, clicking on the double-sqaured icon "[]]" on the up-right side nothing happens. However if I click on reduce icon " _ " or close " X " it works. I think it has to do with the DE (in my case Cinnamon).

  • Ability to change Web Panel zoom
    I like having a slim web panel as I often leave it open, but with the awkward dimensions it can cause some websites to load poorly in it. If I could augment the zoom level I think it would solve a lot of the problems, and make it so i can fit more info into the page as a bonus.

  • Drag text to search, drag link/picture to open in background tab

  • Option to make Search revert to default search engine after using another search engine.

    I use duckduckgo by default. When I look something up on Wikipedia, I almost always forget to switch back to DDG for the next search and get garbage results.

  • Sticky Cookies

    I would like an easy way to mark a bunch of cookies as keepers (preferably by selecting a bunch at once and marking them as a group). I want to be able to delete all cookies except these to get rid of ad tracking, etc., without losing settings on websites that are useful.

    I've asked about this before and I know there's a way to manually go through one by one. I don't remember the exact details, but it was really labor intensive.

    I thought about finding the cookies file and just replacing it with a backup, but that won't work because a current cookie might have newer data in it which would be lost by replacing it with an older version.

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    @pafflick said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Option to always revert to the default search engine in the Search Field

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    @Waldi22 It's literally the third request on this list... 🙄

  • It would be nice to have an easy way to rotate a picture directly on the website.

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    @luciothiago hmmm very interesting, good idea! 🤔 👍🏼

  • More flexible tab muting

    So, in tab muting, I can mute all but the active tab.
    I'd like more flexible muting, like blacklisting and whitelisting tabs for mute.

    For instance, I'd like to blacklist a website I read that autoplays what I can only charitably call background noise -- I'd like that website always muted even if it is the active tab.

    Similarly, I'd like to whitelist specific tabs so that they always play even when they are in the background and I have "play only active tab" set. For instance pandora (which should always play, but be lower priority than the active tab), or another site that sends occasional audio alerts so it should have priority over the active tab.

  • @pafflick - upvoted your request. Also upvoted reequest for better feature request tools!

  • Add Print Selection to the Vivaldi Print dialog
    I use this all the time and have to use Ctrl+Shift+P to get to the system print dialog which has this option.

  • Possibility to protect all or individual 'Notes' with password.
    Save 'Notes' in encrypted format rather in plain JSON format in ./config/Vivaldi/Default/Notes.

  • Request:
    With tabs on left or right panel, resizing the panel only resizes it for that window, not all windows.

    (Currently, it will resize it for all windows, which I don't see a way to disable -- very annoying if you have a video playing in one window and it keeps resizing…)

  • @Pesala As long as it's like chrome's drag-along style rather than an Firefox Australis-like clunky interface!

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