Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

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    @Omar_Elrefaei I like the idea, but one might as well extend it to entire user profiles, including bookmarks, notes, passwords, browsing history, etc., and export/import of the same. Then, a single user, who wants different themes, can just one profile for work and one for play.

  • Look for OpenSearch.xml on webpages when adding custom search engines. These files sometimes includes search suggestions url, which is a bit hard to obtain manually. Obviously it also has other useful information like search url and favicons and more. More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenSearch

  • I want Media Control Feature! Like these images! Because I want to Pause and Play the media (Music, Video, Podcast, and Radio) with opening other tab. And I think this feature will become to be essential feature for Web browser!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @askfor This function is already implemented. Rightclick a bookmark in the sidepanel select "Open in New Window"

  • @luciothiago Thank you! 😃

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    @Omar_Elrefaei That's fine, then you can include the bookmarks and passwords with the profile. Those who don't want their employer to have access to their private activity, could keep them separate.

  • First of all I want to say a big Thank you. I just installed Vivaldi. Before that I thought no, not another browser. I got them all, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and of course Edge. But I read about a feature I really wanted and no other browser offers it. Open a new tab and get to see my startpage. My startpage is Google and that is what I wanted, open a new tab and search with Google directly. Other browsers just offer stupid functions, showing me pages I used before (speeddial) or showing me news that might be interesting for me.
    This a feature I always wanted. but I still got some requests as there is no perfect browser. Every browser has great features and features I am nissing. I see only one request per reply so this is my first request.
    Please warn me when I close more than one tab. It is more difficult with Vivaldi to close more than one tab at once than with other browsers but it happens easily. I click the X in the upper right corner by accident and all tabs are gone. Edge for example (and this is the one great feature I have in this browser) tells me I am about to close more than one tab and asks if I really want to do that. Then I can stop it. It was great if Vivaldi had this feature too.

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    @Casanova I have included such scenario in my request:

    @pafflick said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Confirm exit
    when there are 2 or more tabs opened and the "Startup with" option in Settings is set to anything else than "Last Session";

  • @pafflick Well, thank you. I will upvote your request. ☺

  • @kyu3a i like this too

  • @PROF4NE +1 Bookmark Toolbar Context Menu

    I expected this request to have much more votes. For me this is not a feature, but a bug. Context menu + drag and drop is available in the bookmark toolbar, it just does not work inside folders, or inside the "more bookmarks" drop-down to see the ones that does not fit in the bar. The current behavior makes no sense.

  • @xumda but when "save and quit" and start browser firefox automaticly open cards, then you can't forget about older cards

  • Open context-menu "Search for 'selected text'" in a tab next to current tab, or setting to choose

    Works that way in all other browsers. Like a related tab.

  • @jakob.liskow Thank you! 😃

  • Vivaldi Mini for Android

    Would love love love to have a slimmed down yet still customizable version of Vivaldi for Android, particularly with Web Panel buttons for opening up my most frequented sites. Watching my own surfing behavior, I check about a dozen sites multiple times throughout the day and only deviate occasionally to look up some info or check out a YouTube video, etc. TL;DR: Quick access web panels, fave color scheme, available on Android = fantastic.

  • Vivaldi Sync

    An absolute must-have so I can use Vivaldi on multiple devices and OS's and still have all my speed dial/web panel items, passwords, bookmarks, customizations, etc.

  • Opera/Chrome Bookmark & Speed Dial Importer/Converter

    Would love to be able to convert or import my existing bookmarks and speed dial items from these two browsers so I can totally migrate to Vivaldi. One ring to rule them all.

  • Vivaldi ChromeOS Replacement

    Vivaldi is Chrome's successor from the future on hyper-steroids. I'd love to be able to install it on ChromeOS (and CloudReady) as a replacement for Chrome (or as close to that as possible). Even a parallel install that can open links and do most of what vanilla Chrome does would be great.

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    @BlazeKing252 AFAIK they constantly work on improving the overall performance of the browser (there are many factors that play a role in this), it's just that it's not something that might be mentioned in the changelogs since sometimes, after a new release, some users may notice a significant improvement in their browser's performance while others may notice no improvement at all - it all might depend on their hardware setup.

  • I am constantly searching my Youtube tabs when its playing. I like to listen to music while browsing. If I wan't to stop the video I have to search for the tab because it doesn't have the red favicon. I often switch to several tabs because I can't find the right one until I realise that the playing one has no red favicon. Opera has a much better solution with the equalizer animation on top of the actual favicon. Can we have something similar please?

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