Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • I would like a sidebar implementation of Facebook messenger / whatsapp like Opera has recently brought in: http://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2017/02/opera-44-developer-with-reborn/

  • @starlightglimmer, have you tried to add Facebook to the Web Panels? Like that:


  • Add an option to show a border around Vivaldi even when Native Window is disabled, see this thread. Some users may like to have the clear distinction between Vivaldi and other running apps on their system, but not like the titlebar.

    Here's another gif to illustrate.


    #browser {
        border-top: 0;
        border-right: 1.5px solid rgba(47,52,63,0);
        border-bottom: 1.5px solid rgba(47,52,63,0);
        border-left: 1.5px solid rgba(47,52,63,0);

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    @Tiamarth That is such an improvement. A simple change that makes a huge difference. I would even suggest it should be default.

  • @starlightglimmer said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    I would like a sidebar implementation of Facebook messenger / whatsapp like Opera has recently brought in: http://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2017/02/opera-44-developer-with-reborn/

    Lol. I hope Vivaldi never does it! After all, you do not have to, because we can add any webpage ...
    I do not want Vivaldi Adwares!
    If I want the Facebook or Whatssap panel I'll add it myself! Vivaldi is one step ahead! ☺

  • @TianlanSha Yup. Dragging a tab to a new window needs a ton of love from team Vivaldi. I'm glad they finally implemented this feature, but it's still not where it needs to be. Even young browsers like Edge will drop a tab to a new window fast and smoothly. It's expected.

  • @Pesala I notice that in Vivaldi, I have to drag a tab outside the current Vivaldi window or a new window will not appear. If my browser is maximized (not full screen mode), which it always is, I have to drag the tab into the taskbar area at the bottom of the screen for the tab to open in a new window. No other browser behaves this way. And even then, the new window takes two or three full seconds to load. Other browsers open the new window in no time. I know Vivaldi is young. It doesn't sound to me like TianlanSha is complaining. We're just pointing out that this function is incomplete and needs to be improved, just to be on par with any other modern browser. Try dragging tabs to new windows in any number of browsers and compare Vivaldi to them.

  • @gaelle Option to have a Print button on the toolbar. (This can be done with an extension, but the native option would be better.) This also dovetails into the request for a more powerful, Firefox-like ability to customize the toolbar in general.

  • @thebigears I so second this!

  • @DoTheEvolution I once told someone that Opera "right clicks for you." For now, you just might want to let your family members keep using Opera. Vivaldi is very cool, but still a little on the rough side for nonenthusiasts who just want to browse and go.

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    @wayrus i agree, because that I didn't organize them well yet, the best bookmark/favorite managerment I had was the O12 one, I hope to see something like that.

  • A sync via the cloud isn't important to me. An export to a system (user can decide whether or not that'll be on a local or cloud drive), where one can say what to export/import is more than useful

  • Please make the opening sidebar webapp disappear when clicking outside of it like in Opera. Also add a pin function so it will stay pinned when we need it to be pinned.

  • I want to be:

    • able to set the order of the search engine. All new search engines are added at the end, but there are some which I use more that others and want to set first
    • able to set the icon. It would be nice to choose an icon other than the favicon (if set). A base 64 code would be nice as a start, but uploading/selecting an ico/other format would be even more nice

  • English - UK language option:
    I know this seems like a small deal but it really does get annoying when your browser is constantly telling you that you're spelling a word wrong (e.g. colour vs color) when really you just aren't American. I'd really appreciate it if you could have English - UK and English - US (and potentially other dialects, e.g. English - Australia) instead of just English - English.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @hondac said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Please, as explained in the first post of this thread, post one request at a time here, so each request can be voted.

    Many frames dropped on YouTube videos. Especially on high fps and high resolution ones – sometimes really visible stuttering. Same videos play with no droped frames on Edge.

    There's a bottleneck in the display of animations in tabs which causes frame dropping. Happens both when "Use Animation" is active and the current tab shows the microphone animation, and also when another background tab is loading, and it's displaying the loading bar inside the tab. For now just disable "Use Animation" setting. The issue has been reported by me and others, hopefully there will be some optimizations in future.

  • Separate options to enable/disable third party cookies and localStorage data

    Disabling third party cookies seems to disable storage too. I'm not too versed in the relationship between both but I'd like to block cookies while allowing sites to store data (usually browser game caches and saves).

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    @hondac Please, this thread is just for feature requests. For report bugs: https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

    And for feature request, make a post for each request.

  • Change (or have an option to) search bar auto-complete default key or behavior on enter

    I know the function is kind of broken now (at least in the beta) but when I type something and press enter, I want to have what I typed, not what the browser autocompletes. This is regardless of how good or bad the autocomplete function is. Using the arrows to select an option or (maybe) tab to make the suggestion "effective".

    This is really annoying when u want to do 1 word searches.

    Offtopic/Rant: Back in the day (4 or 5 years actually) most IDEs worked this way. Now they are all full of themselves thinking their autocomplete is so good you will always want it and the only way to get what u actually typed is pressing "backspace" (and sometimes not even that works and u need to click) .....


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