Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • Search box in the recently deleted tabs.

    Add icon view to the default chromium file manager.

  • @ThinkingDes nice, but actually use can middle click on any space in that tab bar/column to open new tab

  • @rhstogus, I agree, but please, do it optional. Sometimes this thing is very uncomfortable an I want to have an ability to disable it. Thanks.

  • There is a lot of space in the Status Bar, I suggest adding buttons for "Find in Page", "Task Manager" and "Developer Tools".

    Sorry for my bad English.

  • @Opicka, and I really use Stylish for it, but my request is to disable blocking without using Stylish. It's very exhausting to write CSS for each site-which-blocks-text-selection I meet. I don't use many sites with that blocking, but even with that I hate to do it already. And I really need to do it.

    P. S. Sorry for English.

  • @dukfnx That only works if you have a middle mouse button, which most Mac users do not. 🙂

  • @g_bartsch still. it should be this way. (Thanks for the tip)

  • When Tab Bar is set to Left/Right shrink pinned tabs to icon size and display in single row.

    The top and bottom tab bar shrinks pinned tabs by default, as seen below, but not the side tab bars.

    There is also zero distinction between pinned tabs, and normal tabs, when using the side tab bar.
    This would allow better organization and identification of tabs, and reduce clutter when there are many tabs open.

    This image shows 5 pinned tabs in each snippet.

  • Ability to set an auto update interval for Web Panels.

  • Moderator

    @Rokanishu Whether they are pinned or not, tabs on the Left need take up no more space than is required by the icon.
    0_1493633614027_Tabs on Left.png

  • Indented Tree-Like Stacked Tabs using Side Tab Bar

    Indent Stacked Tabs into a collapsible tree structure on Side Tab Bars.
    Could allow ability to collapse, and see number of tabs inside the parent tab.

    This helps to easily group and visualize where content is in your tabs. Especially if you're like me and researching several different subject matters at the same time, or working on separate projects.

    Opening a new tab in this context (IE with middle mouse) would create an indented child tab under your current tab.


  • @Pesala I am aware that you can shrink the Tab Bar down to the size of an icon. But the reason I have the Side Tab Bar, is to display more tabs, in an easier to read manner.

    Your suggestion is to just get rid of the text, but I like the text, and actually very much want it.
    What I am suggesting, is being able to shrink pinned tabs and display in a row on a single line. Rather than letting pinned tabs take up as much vertical space as normal tabs.

    Helps save space for those of us that like to have many tabs, pinned or otherwise.

  • TL;DR - Opera like popup menu on mouse select

    gif example

    I set up vivaldi for my less tech savvy people in family, and one feature they appreciated in opera was popup of search or copy on selection.

    It might seem unnecessary and reduntant, as right click away are many more options. But it really makes difference and prevents me cringing when I see them struggling with basic tasks.

    I looked for some extensions, and they felt poorly made, or required some key press. Integrated polished feature that could be enabled in settings would really make a difference.

  • More options for adjusting the Speed Dial image. ☺
    (Sorry if this request has already been requested)
    Something like the image below ...
    0_1493644471243_Sem título.png

  • @g_bartsch It still should be this way (no set focus when regular clicking) but thanks.

  • sort bookmarks and bookmarks bar folder first

    For me the only somehow ordered result is selecting "by title" in the context menue of the bookmark bar. But the result is not folders first. So please make "folders first" implicit or checkable so that I first have all folders in alphabetic order and then single entries. Of course this has to be done recursively.

    (I hardly understand how the existing sorting mechanisms are working, to me it is unpredictable because it is not obvious even after I tried it different ways and different times. Whatever sorting option I select, the result is not in any obvious order (except title in bookmark bar). The most expected order would be an alphabetic order, possibly with folders first and not intermixed with single entries.

    When one changes the bookmark bar sort order fom "title" to "address", the "order" changes but not the displayed text. So what is it usefull for exept for mixing it differently?

    It would improve the (or my) situation if I expicitly could check a "folders first" option (or if this could be somehow implicit).

    I can understand that sorting the bookmarks somehow time related will give a non alphabetic result. The behaviour of all other options are completely in the dark as I cannot recognize any order.

    The most confusing feature is the fact, that sorting on the bookmark tab and sorting the same folder in the panel gives diffrent results. Please make sorting always folders first somehow checkable or implicit.

    The optimum would be if you could clone Opera 12.16's behaviour. There it is possible to mark each single entry in the bookmarks to be (or as default as not to be) displayed in the bookmark bar. And there you can arrange the bookmarks however you like. Nonetheless the content of each folder in the bookmark bar remains sorted alphabeticaly.

  • Ability to move the pinned tabs between all the tabs, or at least choose if moving pinned tabs on the right side of the panel, next to the bin-icon (leaving other ones on the left)

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    Mnemonic shortcuts allowing more than one letter

    Greatly extend the range of shortcuts by allowing multiple keystroke assignments like in Opera 12.17.

    For example: "s,b" = toggle status bar; "b,b" = toggle bookmarks bar; "t,b" = toggle tabs; "a,b" = toggle address bar;

    They are case-sensitive too, so "B,B" can be assigned to "Go to, www.bbc.co.uk" to open the BBC news page.

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    Allow Shortcuts to Launch Programs

    In Opera 12.17, I have a shipload of shortcuts to launch programs and utilities that I seldom use. Because I don't use them every day, they are not on my Windows Start menu.

    They use a format like:

    Execute program, "C:\Documents and Settings\Bhikkhu Pesala\My Documents\Utilities\BabelMap.exe"

    I use a mnemonic shortcut for this = b,m so it's very easy to remember. Typing "b m" while browsing in Opera instantly launches the program or utility.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    @Pesala Excellent idea and I don't think too difficult to implement? It would be a big bang for the effort.


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