Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • External viewer for source code.
    Auto-stacking tabs which are in the same domain (but put aside other tabs), no matter if i have stack or not.
    Resize divided windows.

    Now in
    1.9.818.44 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

    extension icons are not movable to the left side of adressbar, cannot move trash icon, "+" new tab icon, so this customization is a joke
    Still nothing changed with speed dial.

    What are those new versions for anyway?
    in 1.4 you add themes schedule
    In 1.5 you add ... i don't know since your blog forget about that version
    In 1.6 you add just nothig
    In 1.7 you add screenshots
    in 1.8 you add oversized history
    in 1.9 you add hmm plant trees with new search engine that will be used by around ... 17 users

    FFS you are still in beta or alpha and you should be numerated 0.1.9 at best !!

  • @JohnHind Adding some prefixes like site: and define: would be cool here too.

  • @Richy_ Firefox has a whole config for this for various file types, not just for torrents. That's what I would like. (about:preferences#applications). Then we wouldn't have to request new things one by one.

  • I'm thinking about a feature to handle tab-groups.

    By doubleclicking (or any different way) on an tab-group, I want that all my open single-tabs combined to a new tab-group. And the group that I doubleclicked on is fully opening and showed me all the tabs on an normal way. So I can switch between different tab-groups-topics, or whatever.

    I hope that was readible and understandible ... geez :I

  • @Builderb

    For downloads im using "Download Manager" extention and it works fine, for bookmarks i didnt look.

  • @dLeon said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    If you have time, I suggest to try Vivaldi on another Window Manager. No need to tweak them, just test run.

    Hi @dLeon I found a solution, even it is very weird, but I'm pretty sure that's because of DE (in my case Cinnamon)... anyway, I made this: I move the Vivaldi window a bit outside the screen (using ALT + press and hold left-click mouse to move window) then, i reduce the window by dragging it from the lower-right angle. Now, if I click the icon to maximize []] it works as expected. I try reduce and maximize many times and it's ok. Even closing Vivaldi and relaunching, it works 😃 . I do not know why it works, but that's fine to me 😉
    Thank for support

  • Moderator

    @fajarmf94: It's included in today's internal build. If it survives testing, it will soon be seen in snapshots.

  • @Opicka I dont want to use an extension though it would be much better built-in

  • @Builderb

    Yep u r right it would be better to have built-in but add-on is only solution for your problem for now.

  • Ability to preview selected tab when tab switching via Quick Command

    When selecting a tab in the quick command dropdown, it'd be nice to see the tab page before pressing enter. As the user moves up/down through the list it would look something like how Sublime Text has it: https://youtu.be/48f3N0hCaBU?t=38

    If you do press enter then it would switch to that tab. If esc is pressed then it would stay on original tab.

  • @pafflick I would like that feature. especially since your documentation of the whole process seem to allow a surprisingly straightforward implementation.

  • Add startup option: Startup with saved session

    This request was triggered by the inability of Vivaldi 1.8 and higher to start a new session with pinned tabs from a former session. Opening a saved session that includes pinned tabs and regular tabs works fine, though.

    So now my request is the addition of a new startup option, 'startup with saved session'.

    This should enable picking one of your saved sessions and automatically opening it in exactly the same configuration as it was saved, not only a set of regular tabs, but also a mix of pinned tabs and regular tabs.

  • Use Native should be default
    When I first tried Vivaldi I quickly discarded it because it was ugly. Fixing the "use native" in the Appearance Settings fixed this. There is no reason to use anything else. It will blend in well with the operating system.

  • Make a Fake Turbo Mode
    I turn off javascript by default. This is nearly the same effect as Turbo Extreme mode in opera mini. It would be nice if there was a more convenient way to turn this on and off. I have to first go to the chrome settings to disable all java, then I need to click on the globe to enable each page that I like.
    This will also likely save battery too.
    So make this a turbo button and you can turn it on and off easily (and it remembers for each site .. which it does now)
    Of course a real turbo uses a server for compressing photos and some javascript.

  • Move extension icons to the side panel

  • MSI package or silent install options (like /qn) for corporate deployment.

  • @Makupa Such addons don't always work good. And when they fail, tabs are lost on browser reload, for example.
    If we wanted addons (that fail you and/or stop being updated) we'd use other browsers 😉

  • Screenshot function Improvement: take a screenshot of a single page-element

  • For notes: Tab Snooze functions 🙂 http://www.tabsnooze.com


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