Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • @Steffie I agree, not everyone would like this, but the dial should give us the option to set the size and change the thumb. Actually to change it we need vivaldihooks...

  • A simpler way to view/select/organize my tab stacks

    for example: when I select my tab stack, you could have all the tabs within tab stack showing in new toolbar underneath all the tabs. Then it would be easier to see and select the tab you really want to access.

    Currently it is fairly difficult to access the correct tab that you want, since the selection area is so small and it doesn't show automatically which website is on any tabs within a tab stack. Any decent number of tabs also amplifies the problem.

  • @josephj11 said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Since your text and the image were both selected when I right clicked on the image in the selection, this might be a bug in Vivaldi.

    Hmm, I believe it's not Vivaldi bug. Print ecosystem (all of it) still from Chromium side. Even the context menu on page in Vivaldi still from Chromium, hence we can't tweak it with Vivaldi theme or userstyle.

    I test same select + print scenarios in Chromium. It does same things mentioned here.

    For Opera New. I see Opera move print dialog options from left to right & make entire dialog as tab. I just realize that browser fail even to print entire page, it stuck on loading preview.
    Maybe caused by my system settings. I don't use Opera, so I don't follow their news too close to see if that's their internal problem.

  • Additional Setting: Restore pinned tabs on startup

    Previously this functionality was available in startup settings when ticking "Always load pinned tabs". It stopped working during the 1.8 snapshots/stable release and continues to be dysfunctional in 1.9. It turns out that it was never meant to work this way, but most people used it to save tabs for restart nevertheless. Would be nice to get it as additional setting, since this functionality is missing now, and users are complaining about it / are confused.

  • On the Start page:
    "Start" - "Bookmarks" - "History" - ("DOWNLOADS" should be here also, using more screen real estate, not just that smaller side panel that inevitably truncates the links from vision).

  • TILE as Opera 12x used to tile tabs.
    How? In Opera 12 you just clicked on the "tile" button provided and ALL TABS in that window would automatically tile, without the need for selecting anything. What's more, all tiled tabs could easily be maximized by double clicking on their tab title.

  • A better way to manage saved sessions
    I really like the ability to save the tabs in the current window for later use, while I'm using the browser on another "topic" .
    However the selection window to load a saved session only shows the name and the date of the sessions in a plain list. It would be really helpful if we could see a preview (or at least the titles) of the tabs in the sessions.

  • I would like a built-in Autofill for filling in on-line forms. There is one extension that has the right idea, but it doesn't work perfectly on Vivaldi. Either that, or have the Autofill extension work seamlessly. Here is a link to the extension:


    (Thanks for a GREAT browser Vivaldi team)

  • @gaelle Tab Mix Plus type capabilities for Vivaldi.

  • Drag and drop text into tabs panel to search or follow link

    On Firefox, I can select text and drag it to the tabs panel (on the right side of the tabs) and it Firefox makes a search with it. If I drag a link, Firefox follows the link. This is a small feature I would like to have on Vivaldi, because it makes it easier when searching something.

  • Improved search providers support.

    I came from Firefox. There, I use search providers everyday as if they were commands, by using their aliases. On Vivaldi I can have the same features, but I can't add any search provider (at least what I know of). I would like to add any search provider like the ones you can pick on MyCroftProject; so I could use commands like "t anyword" to translate it on google translator to my language, get definitions of words on my favorite local dictionaries, or use sites that don't support OpenSearch by default.

  • @aderitobonito A rather pointless feature, since the context menu already allows you to search with any installed search engine more easily than dragging selected text all the way to the Tab Bar.

  • @aderitobonito

    I can select text and drag it to the tabs panel (on the right side of the tabs) and it Firefox makes a search with it

    I know Vivaldi currently couldn't do that. But, why drag & drop when you could use context menu & choose either default search or other search you ever created?
    Note: I don't even know we could do that in Firefox. At least I learn something new.

    If I drag a link, Firefox follows the link

    For this one. Isn't Vivaldi already do this?

    • Drag & drop a link to empty space around Tab bar. It open in new tab.
    • Drag & drop a link above opened tab. It open in that tab.

  • Password management

    Something that is extremely important to me and that's not letting me make Vivaldi my primary browser yet is password storage and management. I feel the need to have total control on my passwords, to edit them site by site and to keep them safe. So, I would like to see a feature on Vivaldi, in which I would be able to save my passwords, manage them as I wish and lock any access to them with a master password.

  • @aderitobonito said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    I can't add any search provider (at least what I know of).

    Go to the web site, right-click in it's search field, and add the search engine.

  • @aderitobonito
    I agree with you for OpenSearch support.

    but I can't add any search provider (at least what I know of)

    Because this part merge with your request about OpenSearch support, it confuse me. I'm sorry if I miss completely.
    Adding New Search engine is same like in Chromium/Chrome. Just point to any page with Search input box. Open context menu. And, "Add as Search Engine" will be there. 8:10, that will just work.
    In case it fail, we could manually add the new search in Vivaldi settings > Search > Add New Search Engine. POST method is new add-in just recently, a toggle will show up after we add the Search Engine.

    That's raise my question, why the POST toggle not show up in "Add New Search Engine" settings?

  • I think this feature has not been requested yet ...
    Ability to rename tabs, we can rename a stack, it would be nice to be able to rename only one tab.
    The Tab Mix Plux extension gives this capability to Firefox for example. ☺

  • @Seasonly
    I would suggest this feature too. In my case, I'm used to use double click on a link to open it in a new tab, on Firefox. I could use the middle button, but I don't find it comfortable and I would like to be able to customize the browser to do just that.

  • @Pesala
    It is not something really important, it's more a preference. On my case, I find it easier to just drag and drop, since I can do it a lot faster than opening the context menu. But still, it's not really important, it's just an idea of a small detail. I like to just drag and drop things, like dragging a link to my favorites or dragging text from a site to another site's form.

  • @dLeon
    Yes, I meant OpenSearch. Right now, what I do to add a new search engine is right-clicking on the search field of a site, but not every site supports this. OpenSearch would be great on Vivaldi.


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