Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

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    @Waldi22 It's literally the third request on this list... 🙄

  • notification system accessible and stored in the web panel like this:
    alt text

  • It would be nice to have an easy way to rotate a picture directly on the website.

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    @luciothiago hmmm very interesting, good idea! 🤔 👍🏼

  • @CheVe11e_191 thank you

  • More flexible tab muting

    So, in tab muting, I can mute all but the active tab.
    I'd like more flexible muting, like blacklisting and whitelisting tabs for mute.

    For instance, I'd like to blacklist a website I read that autoplays what I can only charitably call background noise -- I'd like that website always muted even if it is the active tab.

    Similarly, I'd like to whitelist specific tabs so that they always play even when they are in the background and I have "play only active tab" set. For instance pandora (which should always play, but be lower priority than the active tab), or another site that sends occasional audio alerts so it should have priority over the active tab.

  • Option to click to reactivate a hibernated page.

    Vivaldi is reloaded simply by selecting the hibernated tab. I think this is a little uncomfortable.
    I attached a photo of The Greates Suspender add-on for easy understanding.


    In addition to the above picture, the hibernated tab should have an opaque thumbnail and the phrase hibernate and date.

    If it does, the tab popup will show the picture and it will be easier to distinguish.

    Thank you for your innovation.

  • @pafflick - upvoted your request. Also upvoted reequest for better feature request tools!

  • Add Print Selection to the Vivaldi Print dialog
    I use this all the time and have to use Ctrl+Shift+P to get to the system print dialog which has this option.

  • @josephj11
    Isn't "Select" your content, open its "Context Menu" then choose "Print" is what you need?

    This screenshot is after I select your request plus your avatar.

    The internal Print Dialog is really Chromium internal. I see no body re-code that area.

  • Possibility to protect all or individual 'Notes' with password.
    Save 'Notes' in encrypted format rather in plain JSON format in ./config/Vivaldi/Default/Notes.

  • Request:
    With tabs on left or right panel, resizing the panel only resizes it for that window, not all windows.

    (Currently, it will resize it for all windows, which I don't see a way to disable -- very annoying if you have a video playing in one window and it keeps resizing…)

  • @Pesala As long as it's like chrome's drag-along style rather than an Firefox Australis-like clunky interface!

  • Add option to disable the "This type of file can harm your computer" warning for downloads.

  • Navigate Stacked/Tiled Tabs Using Keybindings
    Currently you have to use your mouse to hover the tab stack and select the wanted tab or use Ctrl-Tab, which jumps all around the place if you have other tabs open. Especially if you have the tab bar on either side of the screen, keeping the tab stack hovered while moving the mouse to choose the tab can be hard.

    This would work with tiled tab stacks also, but additionally spatial movement keybindings between tiled tabs would be awesome.

  • make tabs appearance more customizable to set different formats, actually it's very rectangular even using round corners, also, accent color from active page does not combine with extension icons when visiting some sites, for example, visiting youtube and extension icon is red, it will almost disapear, The best way to fix that is allow to move the icons to the web panel.

  • @dLeon Thanks, that works. I would never have thought to try it. It would still be "nice" to have it in the Print dialog where it isn't a "hidden" feature.

    The first time I tried this, I happened to right click on the image you included in this post. That context menu does not include Print. Luckily, I tried it again and clicked on your text - where it does work. While this behavior makes sense, it does argue for having the option on the Print dialog where it will always be visible and will just work.

    Since your text and the image were both selected when I right clicked on the image in the selection, this might be a bug in Vivaldi.

  • @dLeon There's an additional side effect of this. If you just select a picture, you can't Print it as a selection. That's counterintuitive.

    You can click on the picture which opens it in another tab. Then you can print it, but that seems to be unnecessarily complicated.

  • that's how speed dial should look like:
    alt text

  • @luciothiago -- For some people yes, but certainly not for everyone. Personally i intensely dislike that, & absolutely want to continue having site thumbnails for my speeddials. Hence, as with most else in the V philosophy, options are the key.


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