Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • Don't allow popup thumbnails to overlay other UI elements. Currently, when tab stacks contain too many tabs and popup thumbnails are enabled, the thumbnails appear over the rest of Vivaldi's UI, resulting in an inability to drag the tab stack or to use any other elements of the UI. A good fix might be to put popup thumbnails in a container with overflow allowed, so that they can be scrolled through if they take up more space than exists on the user's display.

    TL;DR: This should not be possible:


  • Option to show downloads on status bar.
    Duplicate the basic functions of the following firefox extension:
    This shows downloads and progress on the statusbar and allows clearing them from history, opening, or deleting from system with a rightclick.

  • Edit: duplicate request, ignore.

  • Speed Dial Customisation Feature Suggestion

    • An option to not have a "snap-shot" of the webpage.
    • Have the domain name and page title as the icon instead.
    • An option to colour code them. (For example; can setup film/streaming services as blue, shopping as green, and gaming as orange (people with synesthesia will love it). Each new site added to the speed dial that is added to a colour coded category would take on a shade of that colour. Would look similar to the current Opera but less random.
    • Option to use the websites logo/faveicon as the thumbnail.
    • Thumbnail resizing (individually/in groups/all of them).

  • @gaelle Have on the panel the Option to list all available links of the viewed web page (this was available on Opera 12).

    This is helpful when looking for specific links on the web page such as external links, or links to pdfs or to specific files etc..

  • Custom Modes

    Mode switching: Switching between saved Setting states

    Like "themes" but for All Settings instead just colors
    It is like changing a batch of settings with one click

    This will let Vivaldi adapt seamlessly to your current activity.

    This will be very helpfull with Re-order / remove UI elements & Editing of Menus requests.

  • Ambassador

    @Omar_Elrefaei I like the idea, but one might as well extend it to entire user profiles, including bookmarks, notes, passwords, browsing history, etc., and export/import of the same. Then, a single user, who wants different themes, can just one profile for work and one for play.

  • @Pesala said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Then, a single user, who wants different themes, can just one profile for work and one for play.

    With respect to your opinion, I feel that I want all my bookmarks and password with me all the time.

    As I understand what you said, If I saved a bookmark while in reading mode, I wont find it while working.
    If I was working and remembered that I want to send someone a (article/game) link, I wont find it in my bookmarks/notes/history

  • @dLeon maybe I was unclear. The reason for 2 is the snap-shot of the page visually looks messy and it does not work for all websites (Evernote for example, is just white). Pages with lots of thumbnails (Amazon, Netflix, etc) means you now have thumbnails within thumbnails.

    Point 3 is an extension of 2 I suppose to tidy things up and give the user an option for further organisation, finding things quickly as well as purely for aesthetics.

    Opera uses point 2 and its much cleaner looking and beyond a certain point (I find), much easier to find what I am looking for quickly. Which is the point of speed dial.

  • Look for OpenSearch.xml on webpages when adding custom search engines. These files sometimes includes search suggestions url, which is a bit hard to obtain manually. Obviously it also has other useful information like search url and favicons and more. More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenSearch

  • I want Media Control Feature! Like these images! Because I want to Pause and Play the media (Music, Video, Podcast, and Radio) with opening other tab. And I think this feature will become to be essential feature for Web browser!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Option to open bookmarks in separate window rather than tab, just like "settings".

  • @askfor This function is already implemented. Rightclick a bookmark in the sidepanel select "Open in New Window"

  • @kyu3a I like this idea

  • @luciothiago Thank you! 😃

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    @Omar_Elrefaei That's fine, then you can include the bookmarks and passwords with the profile. Those who don't want their employer to have access to their private activity, could keep them separate.

  • First of all I want to say a big Thank you. I just installed Vivaldi. Before that I thought no, not another browser. I got them all, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and of course Edge. But I read about a feature I really wanted and no other browser offers it. Open a new tab and get to see my startpage. My startpage is Google and that is what I wanted, open a new tab and search with Google directly. Other browsers just offer stupid functions, showing me pages I used before (speeddial) or showing me news that might be interesting for me.
    This a feature I always wanted. but I still got some requests as there is no perfect browser. Every browser has great features and features I am nissing. I see only one request per reply so this is my first request.
    Please warn me when I close more than one tab. It is more difficult with Vivaldi to close more than one tab at once than with other browsers but it happens easily. I click the X in the upper right corner by accident and all tabs are gone. Edge for example (and this is the one great feature I have in this browser) tells me I am about to close more than one tab and asks if I really want to do that. Then I can stop it. It was great if Vivaldi had this feature too.

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    @Casanova I have included such scenario in my request:

    @pafflick said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    Confirm exit
    when there are 2 or more tabs opened and the "Startup with" option in Settings is set to anything else than "Last Session";

  • @pafflick Well, thank you. I will upvote your request. ☺

  • @kyu3a i like this too

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