Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • Show list of closed pages (recycle bin menu) as a mouse gesture command
    Please add such a command for mouse gesture command list, it is quite convenient (I have RUL gesture for it in Firefox and use it very often - it is much faster than pointing to recycle bin button).

  • I do not know if this feature was already talked about before! Search through web panel (like Opera 12). Image

  • Drag and drop functionality on the Downloads menu

    Being able to drag a downloaded file from the Downloads menu (on the sidebar) to inside a website is the only feature I miss from other browsers now that Vivaldi is the only I use. Downloading a file and immediately being able to add it as an attachment in an email would be great!

  • Hope there can be option to toggle trash icon on the top right

  • Make pinned tabs permanent across ALL windows

  • @huhaa I absolutely second this feature request.

    What I really really want is ANY chromium-based Safari alternative which properly integrates with iOS' Safari, which means, access to my iCloud keychain and access to Safari's Reading List Feature.

    I've read somewhere this is only possible for a Mac Appstore application, which is the reason no chromium browsers support the feature anymore.

    I'd gladly and without any hesitation shell out 20 Euros to any Mac Appstore app, including Vivaldi (which I like, but cannot use without the mentioned iCloud integration), which lets me have:

    • A chromium based browser with decent extension support
    • Full iCloud integration with iOS Safari
    • Properly working developer tools (unlike Safari's)

  • When opening history, focus should be in the search bar.
    I'm amazed that's still not the case, since the only real reason to open the history is to search for something.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @Pesala I want the same thing! It's great to customize the speed dial's thumbnails as we did on Opera.

  • Do not reread tab history pages on navigating forward/back
    Please add an option to keep tab history pages in memory and do not reread them every time when user presses Forward/Back buttons. I use gestures and rereading appreciably slows history navigation.

  • Ambassador

    @meymigrou I hope Vivaldi can do much better. There's already some code in the Modding Forum for those who cannot wait, but I hope for something more user-friendly.

  • Equivalent to the Firefox "View Page Info" button - I feel that this is a very useful feature (especially for developers) in Firefox and it is one of the main things that I miss after switching to Vivaldi.

  • Option to automatically unload web panels after they've been closed for a certain period of time. I've noticed that web panels remain rendered after the panel is closed, which can lead to high memory usage in the same way that opening a lot of tabs can. I've been getting around this so far by manually killing the web panel processes from Vivaldi's task manager.

  • Additionally, ability to hibernate web panels.

  • I've seen several posts suggesting some sort of alternate feature request system as a replacement for these threads. There is a service called Uservoice which is tailor made for this purpose:


    Here's an example of it being used by app developer Allegorithmic to gather suggestions for their painting app named Substance Painter:


    There is also a competing service called IdeaScale which works in a similar fashion:


  • There are always lots of requests for having customizable menus, and debate over how tabs should behave and so forth. A good example of how to solve this is the Firefox extension Tab Mix Plus, which has been one of the most popular Firefox extensions since shortly after the browser launched. It allows extensive control over what is in each menu, how tabs open, how things are displayed in the UI and other things.

    The request is for Vivaldi to include full on Tab Mix Plus like customization.

    Instead of having to debate over what should be in which menu and how tabs should work and so forth, each user could instead just set everything to work exactly the way they like. Wouldn't that be better?


  • Allow the theme color of some important UI elements to be customized individually, or just set them to use the primary highlight color to be easier to see. In particular the scrollbar buttons and the little icon on the tabs that shows which tab has sound playing can be difficult to spot (please remember not everyone has perfect vision).

    In Firefox I used an extension called "NewScrollbars" that changed the buttons on the scrollbars to a more visible color (I used bright orange). I installed the extension one day on a whim and was really surprised what a big difference it made.



    The active tab can also be difficult to discern when using certain theme colors. Below is what it looks like using my setup, which is just the preset "Human" theme with a couple of adjustments.


  • The Reader View is to me just about the greatest feature in the history of browsers. There is one thing missing from it though. There are some sites I visit regularly where I want to use Reader View every time. With the current way Reader View works though I must activate Reader View every time I visit them, day after day, over and over.

    It would be great to have a way for Reader View to remember your preference for certain domains or pages. The ideal way I would envision it might work would be that left clicking the Reader View icon would perform the default action the same as it does now, but right clicking it would bring up a little menu with a few options something like this:

    Use Reader View this session only (default)
    Always use Reader View on this page
    Always use Reader View on this domain

    Or, there could be a list in the settings where you could add and remove sites, and set preferences for them.

    Along similar lines the zoom control also resets to default every time you close the tab. If you need to make the font bigger on a site you will probably always want it to be enlarged each time you visit.

  • It would be nice if there was an icon to pin open the find dialog so it would stay open with the same words in the input field when you switch to a different tab. This would be very helpful when you're searching a large number of tabs for the same words instead of having to open it for each one.

  • It has always seemed to me that browsers should have a warning box that pops up when you delete a bookmark or bookmark folder (like when you delete a file in your file manager). It is not hard to accidentally tap the delete key and if you happen to have a folder highlighted when you do then POOF! it is gone. If you notice you can maybe get it back from a backup but you may not even notice until later when you try to access the folder and it is not there.

    I've only had this happen a couple of times over the years but it was not fun when it occurred. It could be optional of course.

  • The most important feature request of all! Please don't ever start "dumbing down" the functionality of Vivaldi the way the other browsers have started to do. It's so nice to be using a browser again that is getting better rather than worse!

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